How Will the Angels Lose? Bingo Edition!

The Angels keep losing and losing in ways that are truly excruciating to watch. Viewing a Halo game has become a real chore, but fret no more! MWAH is proud to present a game to liven things and make the Angels watchable once again. Say hello to "How Will the Angels Lose? Bingo Edition!"

The premise of the game is simple. It is just like the Bingo game you played as a child and will play in your senior citizen years, only instead of letter and number combinations, the card spaces are set according to the various tragedies that befall the Halos during a typical game. Get five in a row and you have BINGO! That's right, you can still win even though the Angels will probably lose! You can finally watch an Angel game and feel good at the end of the night.

Here is the board, go ahead and print it out to use at home!


Blown save

run allowed

Hitter injury

Halo not lit

Lose to Astros

Back-breaking GIDP

Walk-off loss

Anonymous reliever


Pujols in pain

Pitcher injury
Bases loaded, 0 runs

Blooper reel

Stupid sac

3+ Butcher
mound visits

No SB attempt
in obvious
SB situation

Angels lose
by one-run

Half empty

Hamilton strikes
out on
3 pitches

closed door meeting

Pitcher walks
in a run

Starting pitcher goes less than 6 IP

Costly late
inning error

If this doesn't work for you, just try drinking… a lot… or heroin. Either way.

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