In memoriam: Great moments in Blanton-ing

The Joe Blanton era in Anaheim has come to an end… for now. Yes, poor, sad Joe has been removed from the Angels rotation due to his complete and utter inability to get anyone out. This truly is a sad day for Angels fans. To commemorate his passing from the rotation, I thought it would only be appropriate and respectful to relive Joe's Angel career through by highlighting some of his best moments. By that, of course, I mean all of the best and varied Blanton-ing poses through his 20 vomit-inducing start:

Blanton-ing alone


Blanton-ing with your eyes shut


Solemn Blanton-ing

Hot, sweaty Blanton-ing


Blanton-ing with a friend


Blanton-ing in red




Group Blanton-bang


Reverse angle Blanton-ing orgy


And finally… the post-Blanton-ing letdown

Garrett Wilson

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