In memoriam: The best of Mark Trumbo’s Trumbombs

Ladies and gentlemen, Mark Trumbo is no longer with us. His time with the Angels has come to an end. We are not here to mourn his loss though, rather we choose to celebrate it. Let us send Mark off by taking a fond look back at his finest work. That, of course, would be re-watching the greatest Trumbombs ever launched. Enjoy, everyone.


441 feet – Hector Santiago, 6/2/13


This isn't one of the longest Trumbo hit, but it was one of the hardest hit balls, coming off his bat at 116 MPH. This thing left the yard in the blink of an eye. The real reason I include it though is because it came off of Hector Santiago, one of the pitchers Trumbo was traded for. It all comes around, folks.


457 feet – Jordan Lyles, 6/2/13


I'll be honest, this is one of the few he hit that doesn't look like it went as far as the distance says. He annihilated the baseball, but it doesn't look like it cleared the fence by 50 feet.


457 feet – Brian Duensing, 8/2/11


A laser to center. Might have knocked a few chips off the rockpile.


457 feet – Hiroki Kuroda, 7/13/12


Definitely an impressive blast, but my favorite part of it is the outfielders. They just take a few casual steps and that's it.


459 feet – Christian Friedrich, 6/10/12


This one was aided by the altitude, but still, you have to marvel at just how crushed it was. It really is a shame that the Angels couldn't have found a way to deal Trumbo to the Rockies. It may not have been the best trade value, but it would have been doing the public a great service.


471 feet – Derek Holland, 9/7/13


It never gets old seeing Mark hit Trumbo Jacks off of a Ranger.


471 feet – Felix Hernandez, 8/7/11


This one might actually be the best ever is who he hit it off of. It isn't easy to hit one off of King Felix, it is even harder to hit one off of King Felix that nearly hits the freeway.


472 feet – Louis Coleman, 5/30/11


The first epic Trumbomb of his career and arguably one of the best. I mean, he hit the damned thing into the waterfall. The waterfall!


475 feet – Dan Straily, 4/29/13

The longest AND hardest hit Trumbomb of all time. It left the yard in a big hurry and almost left the stadium entirely. I don't care what the distance says, there is no way this didn't go 500 feet. I just refuse to believe it and demand a Congressional hearing to get to the bottom of this cover up. Meanwhile, I'll be watching this on loop for the next four days.


Thanks for all the dingers, Mark.

Garrett Wilson

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