Is this finally rock bottom? Angels lost to Astros 5-0

At what point does the old axiom "it's early" stop being true? Just when we thought the Angels couldn't sink any lower in this young season, along comes tonight's game. This was the very definition of a mail it in affair. The starting pitching was atrocious again and the hitters had no interest in even being at the plate. More concerning I feel is the overall body language of the team. They just seem not to be interested in playing ball right now. The shots of the dugout show almost no chatter, no interaction and no energy. Did anyone ever even consider that at any time this year the Angels would be trailing the Astros by 2 games? Well, wake up Angel fans, this is not nightmare.

Angels 0 Astros 5


Game Notes

— The Halo offense managed only four hits, all singles. This after Scioscia juggled the lineup again and put Peter Bourjos at the top with Trout second. He was rewarded with his table setters going 0-7 with four strikeouts. Mike Trout looks very human all of a sudden as he succumbs to the weight of being a franchise player. Oh yeah, and Josh Hamilton is still sucking.

— One bright spot was the pitching of young Dane De La Rosa, or Walden 2.0. DDLR has good stuff and seems to have Scioscia's eye and with the sudden implosion of Kevin Jepsen, DDLR could be in for an extended stay in Anaheim.

— As I type this out, Peter Bourjos throws the ball past the second base bag allowing a runner to advance and Josh Hamilton then gets doubled off first because he forgot how many outs there were. This is officially the worst I have seen this team play!!

— Seriously, I can't really muster enough excitement about this game to even go on. There was nothing interesting and I admit I did fall asleep for a couple of innings after the score reached 5-0. Let's just get the Tommy Hanson bashing out of the way, shall we?

Halo A Hole

His fastball was flat, his curveball was hanging. In the show he got ripped. Thanks for playing "Wheel of crappy pitching, Tommy". Christ, I need a drink!