It’s still early… okay, maybe it’s not; Angels Fall to the Twins, 8-6

It couldn't possibly get worse, right? No. Actually, it seems like it can. After Joe Blanton stunk up the joint last night, serving up taters to the whole ballpark out in frigid Minnesota, Jason Vargas out-stunk him. One could try to rationalize the sudden loss of Vargas' command of his pitches, chocking it up to the cold air, or sympathy for Blanton, or a Space Jam-esque alien invasion.

But at this point, who wants to hear rationalizations? Who are these guys? The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim are once again the laughing stocks of April, crumpling under the weight of expectations and lack of organizational depth and injuries. At some point, something has got to change, and knowing Jerry Dipoto, it will.

But until that day comes, the Angels find themselves once again on the losing end of a shellacking by the… Minnesota Twins. One can look to the skies for a silver lining, but it's night time in Anaheim, and the clouds are nowhere to be found.

Twins 8, Angels 6


Game Notes

— Mike Trout is looking more and more like himself these days, so there's that. Out to prove the sophomore slump is a myth, Kid Fish had another two hits, including a couple 2-out RBI, and raising his batting average back into the .300's. This could be the last time it dips below that mark this season, fans can hope, but who knows?

— Speaking of 2-out RBI, the Angels actually had some clutch hitting to speak of. Albert Pujols drove in a key run early on, while Peter Bourjos and Andrew Romine contributed with run-producing outs to compliment Trout's efforts. And, that's about it. Howie Kendrick continues to swing at terrible pitches. Josh Hamilton continues to swing at terrible pitches. But hey, it's early, right? Right…?

— Dane De La Rosa continues to produce solid work out of the bullpen. At this rate, that might make two great pitching acquisitions in the Dipoto regime; him and Ernestor Frieri… and… uh…. …. uh….. a little help here, folks?

Halo A-Hole of the Game

I want to include all of the starting pitchers for their ugly, ugly collective 6.07 ERA this season, but there can only be one per game. Sorry guys.