More bad news for the Angels, Vargas to DL with blood clot

It seems like every time the Angels get on a little bit of a roll, something happens and squashes that momentum. After their big comeback over Seattle last night, they were most definitely on another roll. Well, guess what happened?


It was announced today that starting pitcher Jason Vargas, arguably the best pitcher on the team thus far in 2013, will go to the DL with a blood clot in his left arm pit:

This isn't just a devastating blow to the Angels, it might well change the entire course of Vargas' career as blood clots in a pitcher's arm have not only ended seasons but ended careers. As this post, which isn't a complete history, illustrates, blood clots can be very serious and almost always require surgery. As of right now, the Angels have Vargas seeking a second opinion before going under the knife, so there is at least some hope that he might be able to avoid that fate.

While the Halos await a prognosis on Vargas, they have recalled Billy Buckner, but have not listed a starter for tomorrow when Vargas was scheduled to start. It is worth noting that Jerome Williams is not listed as being available in the bullpen on tonight's lineup card. Buckner's recall might only be because the Angels need a long man after using Richards for three innings last night and wanting to start Williams tomorrow.

Until then, it is just time to cross our fingers for Vargas and hope that this doesn't derail his career.

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