Keep calm and carry on

Apologies for the gap between posts from me, I’ve been busy with my “night job” at the NZ International Comedy Festival, and also, quite frankly, I’ve been waiting for the Angels to improve.

It’s not quite happened, has it? Third worst record in Baseball, 11.5 games behind the Rangers at the time of writing, and a bullpen who must be thankful that they warm up so far from the dugout, to prevent starting pitchers coming after them with a bat. It hasn’t been pretty.

However, there are a few signs that we all shouldn’t all throw in the towel and become Dodgers fans, and not just because they suck this year, too.

The talent is starting to show through. Mike Trout is hitting .308 with 6 Home runs in May, thus far. Mark Trumbo is looking settled, Kendrick has been a one man comeback machine, and even Josh Hamilton is warming up after a dismal April.

On that note; what is it with the culture of the Angels? Two years in a row (three, if you count Vernon Wells), a huge-money star player has come to the club and struggled through April. At least Albert Pujols had the excuse of changing leagues, facing pitchers he wasn’t used to, and the change of scenery and climate. Hamilton hasn’t even moved divisions. You have to wonder if these players are too exposed to media scrutiny and the exceptional expectations brought on by such a massive payroll. But I digress…

The DL list should start to shrink. If it gets any bigger, we’ll be seeing Mike Scioscia put the pads on again himself. But with Aybar back, Weaver apparently improving, and Bourjos waiting in the wings, if they can just somehow get some bullpen arms healed, they’ll look at lot better at the end of May than they did on the first.

The month ahead should be easier, with series against Seattle, Kansas City and the Dodgers, all of whom have their own problems. Let’s just hope they don’t take them out on Anaheim.

Look, again, this week’s news headlines have shown how little a few weeks of Baseball matter, in the bigger scheme, but wouldn’t it be nice to have some good news for a change?

I’m still hopeful. For my sins.