Kiddie core leads the way; Angels top Jays 7-5

When your team is out of the playoff chase with two months to go, you start watching baseball differently. Wins and losses still matter but you start examining players for their future impact rather than any contribution they will make to salvaging the lost season. Such was the case tonight as a host of youngsters sparked the Halos to a come from behind win. All of sudden the team looks like they are at least having fun after that lost week in Texas.

Angels 7 Blue Jays 5


Game Notes

— This is the kind of game you get with two teams going nowhere who are both playing way under expectations. Both teams run the bases like they are blind and there were more than a few questionbale defensive plays. On top of that, you mix in mediocre pitching and you get a wild, wacky ball game that was nothing if not entertaining.

— When your 2-5 hiiters go 1 for 16 and your supposed big guns (Hamilton and Trumbo) leave a small country on the basepaths, you expect the offense to struggle. But Chris Nelson and JB Shuck both had three hits and drove in a ton of runs. Like I said, weird game

— Speaking of little JB, Shucky made a rididulous catch two rob a two run homer by catching the ball and diving into the right field stands. Trout's catch last year was a thing of athletic beauty, Bourjos' earlier this year was a techinician's dream, but Shucks shoudl guts and heart. They are all great plays worth a long stay on the highlight reels.

— Chris Iannetta seemed to have an out of body experience tonight. He threw out three baserunners and drove in a couple of runs with his bat. Iannetta is an infuriating player since he so rarely hits and seems to struggle at basics of catching, but if he could play half as well as he did today, he would be more valuable to the team than he normally is.

— Not sure what to make of the bullpen's work tonight. Granted they gave up only one run, but it seemed  a high wire act from the moment they relieved Tommy Hanson. The only reliever I trust right now is Dane De La Rosa, at that is a scary thought indeed.

Halo Hero

Kole Calhoun looks the part of a legit everyday outfielder. He had four hits tonight, including the go ahead home run in the 8th (his first of his career) and he raises an interesting question. Do you know look to trade Peter Bourjos for a some pitching? An outfield of Trout, Calhoun and Hamilton with Shuck as your fourth is pretty solid. Calhoun is better hitter than Peter and you don't lose a ton defensively with Trout in center. It's the kind of questions these kids will having us asking all month if they continue to perform the way Kole did tonight.