Halo Headlines: Wilson gets engaged to Brazilian supermodel, Dipoto dances around firing Scioscia question

The May 10th, 2013 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including C.J. Wilson gets engaged to Brazilian supermodel, Dipoto dances around firing Scioscia questions and much more…

The Story: C.J. Wilson got engaged to his Bra-lisallzilian supermodel girlfriend earlier this week.

The Monkey Says: I think she should've said no until he pitched seven full innings in a start. Make him earn it.

The Story: Jerry Dipoto dances around making a direct statement about Scioscia's job security.

The Monkey Says: Jerry is quoted here with a lot of talk about "we" and said on Jim Bowden's radio show how they'd work out of the hole "together." That sounds like a tacit vote of confidence, but it is standard Dipoto speak where he makes it sound like he is saying yes but is also leaving himself enough wiggle room for the answer to still be no.

The Story: Mike Scioscia offers some insightful commentary on his job status.

The Monkey Says: To T.J. Simers of all people. Scioscia expresses his frustrations but he also comes off as very introspective on his role with the team and what he can do to fix things. It is for that reason I think he'll have great success again, I just don't think it will be in Anaheim.

The Story: ESPN ran a story on the front of their MLB page yesterday that erroneously claimed they got swept by the Astros.

The Monkey Says: It was there all day without correction even though the series wasn't over. Boy, the Angels sure showed them, right?

The Story: Tommy Hanson has once again left the team to tend to family issues and will not make his scheduled start today.

The Monkey Says: The Angels will have to find a spot starter as it sounds as if Hanson could be gone long enough that merely moving Jerome Williams up a day is not an option. The most likely candidate is Barry Enright which is great because it means one bearded ginger will replace another. I wonder if we'll even notice?

The Story: Ryan Madson threw a simulated game in Arizona yesterday.

The Monkey Says: It went well. He should throw in Arizona again this weekend and then likely head out to Inland Empire for a brief rehab assignment before, hopefully, being activated from the DL for the first time this year.

The Story: Jered Weaver threw 28 fastballs off a mound yesterday.

The Monkey Says: It is curious that they are being so careful with him when the injury is to his non-throwing arm. It makes me wonder if they aren't also treating a secret problem in his throwing arm.

The Story: The Angels pitching staff ranks in the bottom third in terms of WAR thus far.

The Monkey Says: That is hardly a surprise. It is worth noting that WAR is not a great metric to use over short time periods, but it still makes its point in this case.

The Story: Mickey Hatcher still has a passion for baseball.

The Monkey Says: And working for the Dodgers, who are now terrible. Coincidence?

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