Halo Headlines: 2014 schedule released, Bourjos undergoes wrist surgery

The September 11th, 2013 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including 2014 schedule released, Bourjos undergoes wrist surgery and much more…

The Story: The 2014 Angels schedule has been released.

The Monkey Says: I'll dive into it more later today, but the main points of interest are that the Angels open at home, finish in Seattle and play the NL East in interleague.

The Story: Peter Bourjos underwent successful wrist surgery yesterday.

The Monkey Says: Peter now has a pin in his wrist and is thus done for the season. He should be fine by spring training, for whatever team he is playing for when that time comes.

The Story: Chris Nelson is doing rehab work with hopes of rejoining the Angels before the end of the season.

The Monkey Says: Be still my beating heart. The Angels are desperate for third base depth, but they are still better off going with Jimenez and Romine as they have actual upside.

The Story: Howie Kendrick has been activated from the DL but won't start any games in Toronto.

The Monkey Says: This was expected. The Angels are still being cautious with him though out of concern for the concrete field in the Rogers Centre. He might be used for pinch-hitting, but that is it until this weekend.

The Story: The trade market for Howie Kendrick.

The Monkey Says: The market isn't as good as the article describes. The Dodgers just signed the Cuban kid Guerrero and the Orioles have top prospect Schoop. The Yankees and Tigers are both favorites to re-sign Cano and Infante, respectively. That pretty much leaves the Rockies (who have no pitching to trade) and, though not mentioned in the piece, the Royals who are the far and away best match. Toronto could probably be added as a possiblity as well, but not a likely one. Suffice it to say trading Kendrick won't be as easy as it has been portrayed.

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