Halo Headlines: analyzing the Ibanez signing, Tanaka’s effect on the free agent pitching market

The December 20th, 2013 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including analyzing the Ibanez signing, Tanaka's effect on the free agent pitching market and much more…

The Story: Analyzing the Raul Ibanez signing.

The Monkey Says: Raul compares very well to others who played at his age and those have mostly been all-time greats. Raul seems to be the exception to that group just because he managed to stay in great shape, but maybe that means he can squeeze out another quality season.

The Story: How Masahiro Tanaka not being posted would affect the Angels and the free agent pitching market.

The Monkey Says: Yeah, it isn't going to help the Angels because it gives Garza more leverage. Whatever happens, it needs to happen soon so everyone can get some clarity on what their plans are going to be.

The Story: Denny Hocking has been named the new manager of the Inland Empire 66ers.

The Monkey Says: Another new face in the organization as Dipoto slowly continues to overhaul the player development side of the organization.

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