Halo Headlines: Angels could sign Mark Mulder, the teams that need Masahiro Tanaka

The December 30th, 2013 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Angels could sign Mark Mulder, the teams that need Masahiro Tanaka and much more…

The Story: The Angels could soon sign Mark Mulder.

The Monkey Says: That story broke on Friday, but no signing has come down yet. Mulder would only be looking at a minor league deal seeing how he hasn't pitched in several years. With Chris Volstad being released to Korea, Mulder could be viewed as his replacement as the veteran starter stashed away in the minors. This is nothing getting excited or worked up about.

The Story: The teams that could use Masahiro Tanaka.

The Monkey Says: The problem is that there is a lot teams that need Tanaka and the Angels arguable aren't even tops amongst them. Any number of teams could decide to blow their wad on Tanaka to satisfy that major need. It is going to get real expensive real fast and the Halos may not have the intestinal fortitude or financial flexibility to beat everyone out.

The Story: The Angels finalized their contract with Raul Ibanez.

The Monkey Says: That took awhile, but it makes sense. Given that Ibanez is basically a mummy, his physical probably took awhile.

The Story: The Braves could still salvage their offseason by trading for Howie Kendrick.

The Monkey Says: Kendrick seems to be safe from trade… for now. But if the Angels blow past the luxury tax line to land Tanaka, it isn't unthinkable that tehy could move Kendrick to try to get back under since they still have Grant Green in waiting. I'd still say it is unlikely though.

The Story: Buster Olney ranks the Angels lineup as the fifth best in baseball.

The Monkey Says: This is why moving Trumbo was never a problem. The Halos had the offense to spare.

The Story: Awful moves that need to happen, including the Angels signing Nelson Cruz.

The Monkey Says: Please, if they are going to do something stupid, it is going to be giving $80 million to Ervin Santana.

The Story: A Millville, NJ resident believes they found a tracing of a young Mike Trout in their basement wall.

The Monkey Says: Stigmata not included. Next thing you know his face is going to be appearing in the marinara sauce of Millville residents and thousands will come from miles around in hopes of having their ills healed.

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