Halo Headlines: Angels fans rated the worst in baseball, turnaround depends on Pujols and Hamilton

The July 18th, 2013 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Angels fans rated the worst in baseball, second half turnaround depends on Pujols and Hamilton and much more…

The Story: Emory University presented statistical research that considers the Angels the worst fan in baseball.

The Monkey Says: Which is obviously a steaming pile. The crux of the rankings hinges on attendance vs. ticket price. In other words, the Angels are being punished because Arte Moreno is thoughtful and hasn't jacked up his ticket prices to ridiculous levels like the Dodgers, who are rated the best. Any ranking that doesn't have the Rays or Marlins ranked dead last is pretty clearly flawed.

The Story: Any hopes for an Angel second half turnaround depends on Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton.

The Monkey Says: Pujols is probably a lost cause for this season due to his health, but Hamilton might make it happen. In fact, come back later today to look in-depth at whether or not his pre-break hot streak is sustainable.

The Story: Mike Trout becoming the youngest American League player to hit for the cycle is one of the top 10 moments of the first half.

The Monkey Says: The general existence of Mike Trout is all 10 of my top 10 moments.

The Story: Do uniform choices influence a team's win-loss record?

The Monkey Says: No, but the infographics are pretty cool.

The Story: An interview with Garrett Wilson (that's me) on many an Angel-related topic.

The Monkey Says: I'll have to add snark-master to my list of official titles now.

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