Halo Headlines: Angels have ‘unsettling clubhouse atmosphere’, Burnett to have season ending surgery

The August 1st, 2013 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Angels have 'unsettling clubhouse atmosphere', Burnett to have season ending surgery and much more…

The Story: There is an 'unsettling clubhouse atmosphere' between the Angels' younger and older players.

The Monkey Says: That sounds worse than it goes on to be described, but it really sounds as if there is a leadership divide amongst the roster. It may not even mean anything in terms of on field performance, but these are the kind of stories that you hear about when a team is underperforming. Even with those mitigating circumstances, this isn't going to help Scioscia's case to keep his job next season.

The Story: Sean Burnett is out for the season with a torn flexor tendon and is likely to have surgery.

The Monkey Says: When is this nightmare going to stop? He claims he'll be ready for spring training, but we've all heard that line before.

The Story: The Angels were winners at the deadline for landing Grant Green and not trading Kendrick or Aybar.

The Monkey Says: I don't think it was a huge win, but they came out better in the long run with the moves they made. Still, it feels like they had a plan they wanted to implement and failed to do so, making this more of a C+ kind of passing grade.

The Story: Jim Bowden gives the Angels a "D" for their deadline moves.

The Monkey Says: Jim Bowden is a former GM for multiple franchises who thinks Grant Green, who ranked in top 100 lists, is not a prospect of note.

The Story: The Pirates attempted to land Mark Trumbo at the deadline yesterday.

The Monkey Says: The important takeaway here is that they were apparently rebuffed with extreme prejudice. I have the feeling that might change if they made it clear Cole and Taillon were not on the table. Nonetheless, it certainly sounds as if the Angels don't consider moving Trumbo to be a path they want to go down.

The Story: The Angels are expected to revisit trading Howie Kendrick in the off-season.

The Monkey Says: He should have plenty of value then and potentially more suitors. The best case scenario would be for Dipoto to dangle Kendrick as the consolation prize for whoever loses out on Robinson Cano in free agency.

The Story: Peter Bourjos is taking batting practice again.

The Monkey Says: Reports are good from those sessions, so he appears to be back on track in his recovery.

The Story: Chris Nelson was added to the active roster.

The Monkey Says: You probably noticed as he started at third base last night. He will likely to continue to do so until Luis Jimenez gets healthy. Tommy Field could be mixed in some but Nelson should get the bulk of the playing time.

The Story: Jason Vargas will throw a simulated game today.

The Monkey Says: He could then throw rehab start early next week and from there the trade rumor mill should get cranking again.

The Story: A very discouraging review of the pre-season Top 20 Angel prospects.

The Monkey Says: And yet some people didn't understand why I was so disappointed that the Angels didn't do a better job of restocking their farm system at the deadline.

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