Halo Headlines: Angels might pursue Brian McCann, Coello opts for free agency

The October 21st, 2013 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Angels might pursue Brian McCann, Coello opts for free agency and much more…

The Story: The Angels might pursue catcher Brian McCann in free agency.

The Monkey Says: McCann is great, but he is not a superstar. Yet he could command over $100 million on the open market. He is also a catcher heading into his age 30 season. This has big mistake written all over it. Hopefully the Angels are not genuinely interested because they have much bigger concerns on their roster than upgrading at catcher, especially for that cost.

The Story: Robert Coello opted for free agency after recently being outrighted off the Angels 40-man roster.

The Monkey Says: Never forget, fuckleball. Never forget. Coello might well return to the Halos, but becoming a free agent gives him a chance to find the best situation for himself to grab an Opening Day roster spot next season.

The Story: A look at Mike Trout's BABIP.

The Monkey Says: It still seems preposterously high for him to sustain for several more years, but if anyone can do it, Trout can.

The Story: Barry Enright is trying to revive his career in the Mexican Winter League.

The Monkey Says: Enright was just awful for the Angels this year,  both in the majors and minors. He remains in the Halo system, so hopefully he can get himself right and once again become an emergency starter option.

The Story: What is Albert Pujols thinking now that the Cardinals are headed to the World Series?

The Monkey Says: This article is horrible, but I link to it just to prove how much the "best fans in baseball" can't wait to twist the knife in Albert's back for leaving them. Let it go, St. Louis. Take the high road.

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