Halo Headlines: Angels hold team meeting, shake up lineup, X-rays negative on Aybar

The April 12th, 2013 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Angels hold team meeting, shake up lineup, X-rays negative on Aybar and much more…

The Story: The Angels held a closed door meeting after Wednesday night's loss.

The Monkey Says: Damn, I had May 10th n the first team meeting pool. Some are viewing this as a sign of trouble, but frankly, we've seen this so often during Scioscia's tenure that I feel like it is basically standard operating procedure now. Up next in his playbook is someone getting "some mental days off."

The Story: Mike Trout moved into the two-hole in the batting order last night.

The Monkey Says: I can't even begin to tell you how inconsequential this move is in the grand scheme of things. Yet, it prompted multiple regional and national columnists to declare it as a sign of panic.

The Story: X-rays were negative on Erick Aybar's heel, but he still might end up on the disabled list.

The Monkey Says: Aybar says he is in a lot of pain and it has only gotten worse. It looks like the Angels will have to get by with a platoon of Brendan Harris and Andrew Romine until Aybar feels better..

The Story: Peter Bourjos guaranteed that the Angels would make the playoffs.

The Monkey Says: Just like Trout did last season and we all know that worked out perfec- oh, wait. Crap.

The Story: Jered Weaver will keep his throwing arm active while his left elbow heals.

The Monkey Says: Hopefully that will shorten his recovery time by allowing him to skip the normal rehab stint in the minors that most pitcher go through before coming off the DL.

The Story: Albert Pujols collected his 1000th extra base hit on Wednesday, putting him 35th on the all-time list.

The Monkey Says: A pro athlete unaware of his numbers and milestones? That strikes me as an oxymoron.

The Story: Imagining how the Angels team meeting went down.

The Monkey Says: I'm glad that Halos Daily did this so that I didn't have to.

The Story: Pick the date that Mike Scioscia gets fired.

The Monkey Says: So we're really going down this road, huh?

The Story: Using the Angels struggles to enhance your workout routine.

The Monkey Says: If we all follow this, we will all be the most swole and sexually frustrated fan base to ever grace the planet.

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