Halo Headlines: Angels still frontrunner for Garza, add LHP Brian Moran via Rule V draft

The December 13th, 2013 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Angels still frontrunner for Garza, add LHP Brian Moran via Rule V draft and much more…

The Story: The Angels and Diamondbacks are still considered the frontrunners to sign Matt Garza.

The Monkey Says: Talks appear to have slowed a bit though. It could be a bit now that the Winter Meetings are over. As I said before, I suspect that Garza's camp is dragging their feet in hope that Rakuten doesn't post Masahiro Tanaka, causing a spike in interest in Garza. Another issue is that the rumor is Garza wants $90 million over five years. If that is really the case, the Angels can't afford him and still sign an established DH like Raul Ibanez. Garza would have to come in closer to $15 million per year for the Angels to have room under the luxury tax line to bring him and Ibanez in.

The Story: The Angels added Brian Moran via trade and the Rule V draft.

The Monkey Says: Moran is a left-handed reliever from the Mariners organization. They basically paid Toronto to draft Moran for them by trading some of their international signing slot money for Moran's rights. That money comes from the current year's pool, so it was basically money they weren't going to use anyway. Moran is a deceptive southpaw who had big strikeout totals in the minors. He got knocked around a bit in 2013, but with a BABIP over .400, which a wild fluke. He doesn't stand a great shot at making the Opening Day roster though as the bullpen is pretty full of guaranteed contracts and guys without options. They'd most likely have to trade Kevin Jepsen to make room for a second lefty in the bullpen and also possibly to create more luxury tax room.

The Story: Mark Trumbo still attended the Angels Christmas charity event, which was held the day after he was trade to Arizona.

The Monkey Says: Mark Trumbo, class act all the way.

The Story: Jerry Dipoto confirms that the Angels don't want to forfeit their first round pick to sign a free agent.

The Monkey Says: I might've linked to this yesterday. I can't remember and I am too lazy to look it up. The point is Morales isn't happening.

The Story: Mike Scioscia believes in on field chemistry.

The Monkey Says: Which is interesting considering there were many reports that the clubhouse was fractured last season. This is also worth noting because one of the reasons the Angels may be unwilling to go crazy on Matt Garza is that he may be a bit of a clubhouse problem as he is a pretty aggro dude.

The Story: T.J. Simers somehow involves Michelle Obama as the face of outrage over the Mark Trumbo trade and then related Jerry Dipoto to Doc Rivers.

The Monkey Says: Not only does this article not many any god damned sense, Simers does a fine job of making it very clear that he doesn't understand the first thing about baseball and why the Angels really traded Trumbo. Mainly he just tries to pander to all the fans who are sad to see Trumbo go and to Clipper fans who revere Doc Rivers. Like I said, this article makes no god damned sense.

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