Halo Headlines: Aybar a trade candidate, Hamilton complains about Angel Stadium lights

The July 23rd, 2013 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Aybar a trade candidate, Hamilton complains about Angel Stadium lights and much more…

The Story: Speculation that Erick Aybar could become a trade candidate if the Angels decide to sell.

The Monkey Says: I'm not entirely against this as Aybar is no star, but he is pretty good and signed to a nice deal. The problem is that the Angels intend to compete next year and have no viable in-house replacement in 2014. It will be years before Eric Stamets or Jose Rondon are ready for the majors and there are basically no options in free agency this winter, so it would be quite the challenge to replace him a few months from now.

The Story: Josh Hamilton complained about the lights at the Big A after he dropped a ball over the weekend.

The Monkey Says: He even got the new guy Cowgill to back him up. This isn't a big deal, but it gets noticed because Hamilton is known for making excuses and has complained about the sun being too bright for him to hit during the day. Now the lights are too bright for him to field at night. He just can't win.

The Story: Albert Pujols both are in the top five of the anit-trade value list.

The Monkey Says: Thanks, I had almost forgotten how screwed this roster is for the next four years.

The Story: With just over a week to the trade deadline two different assesments of the Angels rate them as "holds."

The Monkey Says: I don't like the idea of doing nothing. Crap or get off the pot, it doesn't even matter what side, just do something. Their farm system is too fallow to just sit on their hands when they could at least move Downs. I get not buying since their playoff odds are pretty long at the moment, but doing nothing is a road to nowhere.

The Story: The Angels have a number of injured players who could be trade chips.

The Monkey Says: That's cute, but nobody is trading for Madson. Hanson is at least healthy now and should get two audition starts before the deadline for someone looking for a warm body to fill out their rotation. Vargas would have to wait until the waiver trade period, which is all the more reason for the Angels to forget about moving him and work out an extension instead.

The Story: The Angels admit they still don't know the long-term plan for Garrett Richards.

The Monkey Says: I think he is a lost cause in Anaheim at this point because he has been jerked around so much. I do hope though that they give him one more shot at the rotation if/when they fall out of the playoff race. Otherwise, I can see them sending him out in a challenge trade this winter for some other player that might just need a change of scenery.

The Story: Omar Vizquel talks about managing in the minors.

The Monkey Says: Basically, Omar doesn't think he should have to manage in the minors, which is kind of crazy since he is just filling in and not doing it full-time. In other words, don't count on him waiting around in Anaheim to get his shot if he feels he can get a gig in another organization.

The Story: The Angels signed independent league outfielder Cyle Hankerd and assigned him to Double-A.

The Monkey Says: He is nobody worth knowing, save for his kind of great name.

The Story: Albert Pujols playfully untucked Bartolo Colon's jersey after Albert was robbed of a homer on Sunday.

The Monkey Says: I think I speak for us all when I say that I am relieved that Pujols didn't pants Colon instead.

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