Halo Headlines: Baseball Prospectus’ Top 10 Angels prospects, Halos have the seventh-ranked roster

The February 11th, 2013 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim including Baseball Prospectus' Top 10 Angels prospects, Halos have the seventh-ranked roster and much more…

The Story: Baseball Prospectus provides their top ten Angels prospects for 2013.

The Monkey Says: This is not appreciably different than anyone else's with the exception of maybe Jose Rondon cracking the top ten. Rondon is an intriguing prospect for sure, but for him to rank in a top ten speaks to how thin the Angels' system is given that Rondon is several years away from even being close to ready.

The Story: The Angels roster is ranked as the seventh-best in baseball.

The Monkey Says: I think Toronto might be getting overrated here. Of course, I think the Giants are overrated too, but they have won two of the last three World Series, so maybe I should just shut up.

The Story: The Angels' get a B-grade for the off-season.

The Monkey Says: Well, they got an A-grade last season and that didn't really work out, so I guess this might be a good thing.

The Story: Mike Trout is a living legend in his hometown.

The Monkey Says: He's basically like a good version of Kaizer Soze.

The Story: Previewing the 2013 season for the Angel farm system.

The Monkey Says: Predicting Alfonso Alcantara is definitely provocative. He may well be right, but it is so hard to know what guys coming out of the Domincan Summer League are going to do. Or maybe I'm still not used to the Angels having good Latin American prospects again. Either way.

The Story: Another look back at the fall and rise of Josh Hamilton.

The Monkey Says: Spring Training just started today and I'm already getting tired of these stories.

The Story: Jon Paul Morosi wants to remind us that big spending doesn't equal success in baseball.

The Monkey Says: And I'd like to remind you that Jon Paul Morosi is a pretentious jerkwad who thinks he is reinventing the wheel every time he brings up something that is completely obvious.

The Story: The Angels are facing high expectations as they begin their training camp.

The Monkey Says: Wait, what? The Angels are facing high expectations?! Why has nobody brought this up before?!?!?! Sorry, this batch of links is getting grumpy fast. I'm very sleep-deprived. I'll try and get it back on track the rest of the way.

The Story: Training camp is opening for the Angels but they once again face lofty expectations.

The Monkey Says: Welp. I tried. F#%@!!! WOULD YOU PEOPLE RIGHT SOMETHING F#%@ING ORIGINAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is there some big meeting in Tempe amongst all the beat writers where they agree to take turns writing the same four god-damned stories?  Whoa.  Sorry again. I really need some sleep.

The Story: The (hopefully) improved bullpen is the key to the Angels hopes.

The Monkey Says: It is also the key to me getting through this season without developing a bleeding ulcer.

The Story: A look at the 2012 performance of prospect Travis Witherspoon.

The Monkey Says: I hadn't heard the Mike Cameron comparison before, but I like it a lot. I also kind of hate it because it seems awfully convenient that he'd get compared to another African-American player, but I really don't feel like getting into that whole debate right now.

The Story: Jim Fregosi is the sixth-best acquisition in Angels history.

The Monkey Says: That strikes me as shockingly low since he was the first real star for the franchise.

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