Halo Headlines: Bees, Travs and 66ers all advance to championship series, who is the Angels’ best trade chip?

The September 13th, 2013 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Bees, Travs and 66ers all advance to championship series, who is the Angels' best trade chip and much more…

The Story: The top 3 minor league affiliates for the Angels have all advanced to their respective championship series.

The Monkey Says: No, this doesn't mean the farm system is better than everyone thinks.

The Story: Who is the Angels' best trade chip?

The Monkey Says: Trumbo has his flaws and is probably easier for a team to find an alternative to, but he is much cheaper and has positional flexibility that could give him a larger market. His OBP is an issue, but the right team might value his power enough to give up a lot for him. Kendrick is a valuable piece as well, I just worry that there won't be enough of a market for him.

The Story: Mike Trout won't win AL MVP but he is the best player in baseball.

The Monkey Says: I've always kind of wanted the league to introduce a Best Player award since MVP has been co-opted to mean the best player on a playoff team or the best player that also has a good narrative. It would be kind of like the NFL where they have an MVP but also a Best Offensive Player Award.

The Story: Comparing the sophomore superiority of Mike Trout and Bryce Harper.

The Monkey Says: We're still doing Trout-Harper pieces, huh? I guess that is kind of retro since there was no invoking Machado and/or Puig, so I guess that is nice.

The Story: Why Trout scoring 100+ runs this season might be even more impressive than the 129 he scored last season.

The Monkey Says: If runs scored was a stat anyone cared about anymore, that might be an interesting debate.

The Story: Mike Trout played DH yesterday due to leg tightness.

The Monkey Says: Got to love playing on concrete. Trout will apparently be back in the field this weekend, so don't worry about him missing time and making the Angels impossible to watch.

The Story: Mike Scioscia isn't giving up on the Angels' playoff chances just yet.

The Monkey Says: Sometimes that "one game at a time" mantra can be taken a little too far, Sosh.

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