Halo Headlines: Blanton, Butcher and Iannetta in dugout altercation, Hanson on track for July 23rd return

The July 15th, 2013 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Blanton, Butcher and Iannetta in dugout altercation, Hanson on track for July 23rd return and much more…

The Story: Joe Blanton, Chris Iannetta and pitching coach all had to be seperated during an in-game argument in the dugout on Sunday.

The Monkey Says: Butcher was seen arguing with Blanton, but the team claims Butcher was just trying to keep Iannetta and Blanton apart. However video of the incident has others getting involved to pull Butcher away from a fuming Blanton. The incident was sparked by some sort of miscommunication between the battery, but that is where the details end. This likely won't have any impact on the team or Blanton, though I'm sure some would love if it did.

The Story: Tommy Hanson is on track to return to the rotation on July 23rd.

The Monkey Says: We've officially reached the point where I am now surprised to hear that an Angel pitchers recovery is progressing as expected. Hanson will fill the currently empty fifth starter slot when he returns. He might also be showcasing himself for a trade.

The Story: Could C.J. Cron be moved to catcher so that he isn't blocked on the big league roster?

The Monkey Says: If memory serves, Cron was never considered a viable big league catcher even before his shoulder turned into linguini. This is a terrible idea as it would set Cron's arrival in the majors back years as he worked to get his defense behind the plate up to snuff while his bat is on pace to be ready some time in 2014.

The Story: Jim Bowden tabs C.J. Cron as one of the Futures Game prospects would could be traded.

The Monkey Says: I think he will be, eventually. Right now that Angels may not be buyers, so that trade might have to wait.

The Story: Ryan Madson could pitch in a rehab game in the next week or two.

The Monkey Says: This is me not holding my breath.

The Story: Mike Trout has the ninth-best selling jersey in baseball this season.

The Monkey Says: What? People aren't buying up J.B. Shuck jerseys? I, for one, am outraged.

The Story: Hank Conger has caught a fish with his glove at the Pike Place market.

The Monkey Says: Conger continues to be the unofficial class clown of the Halos.

The Story: Tim Salmon is the starting right fielder for the "Never an All-Star"All-Stars.

The Monkey Says: I have to think if his career had started just five years later, he would've been adored for his OBP skills and made multiple All-Star teams.

The Story: Mike Trout lived in his mother's basement during the off-season.

The Monkey Says: Wait… I think that makes him a blogger, right?

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