Halo Headlines: Bourjos won’t blame wrist for struggles, how much could Trout make on a one-year deal?

The August 23rd, 2013 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Bourjos won't blame wrist for struggles, how much could Trout make on a one-year deal and much more…

The Story: Peter Bourjos won't blame his ailing wrist for his slump since coming off the DL.

The Monkey Says: Well, that's valiant of him and all, but he probably should blame his wrist because it is likely the culprit. Last time I checked, wrists were pretty important to swinging. Even Mark Langston noted on the radio broadcast Wednesday how hindered Peter's swing appeared to be.

The Story: How much would you pay for one year of Mike Trout?

The Monkey Says: All? Can I say all? All.

The Story: Multi-year deals for relievers and why they are a bad idea.

The Monkey Says: Here's why: Sean Burnett, Fernando Rodney, Brian Fuentes, Justin Speier and so on and so on. This is a real killer for a GM like Jerry Dipoto. He has spoken quite a bit about how he doesn't like the idea of making big investments in relievers. Even the Sean Burnett contract seemed like a stretch for him. Yet when you get burned so bad by a horrible bullpen for two straight years, it is hard to go about re-making the bullpen with one-year deals and young arms which is the proper strategy.

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