Halo Headlines: Bourjos’ wrist still not healed, top 5 Angels deadline trades

The July 19th, 2013 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Bourjos' wrist still not healed, top 5 Angels deadline trades and much more…

The Story: The fracture in the wrist of Peter Bourjos still hasn't fully healed.

The Monkey Says: He was supposed to be ready to go in the next week, but apparently not. Given his history of wrist issues, the Angels will undoubtedly be cautious with him. It now seems like a longshot that he will be back before the end of the month.

The Story: The top 5 in-season Angel trades of all-time.

The Monkey Says: it is an interesting list given the restriction of it being an in-season trade. I don't really get the high ranking of the Teixeira trade though. I know the legend of that trade resulting in the Angels getting Trout, which is really only a half-truth because they would've used their one pick on Trout instead of back-to-back picks on Trout and Grichuk, but that element is not even introduced here. I really just don't get how renting Teixeira for a few months and not even winning the pennant counts for much.

The Story: Jason Vargas and Sean Burnett are both long-tossing and could throw off a mound in a week.

The Monkey Says: That likely means both will be back just after the deadline, assuming their are no setbacks, which is far from a guarantee with Burnett.

The Story: Ryan Madson is in Arizona throwing bullpen sessions until he is ready for game action.

The Monkey Says: There is no timeline for when that will be, but it is reaching a point where getting Madson back from the DL will do the Angels no good and only end up costing them money given that is contract is laden with several $500,000 bonuses triggered by the number of days he spends on the active roster.

The Story: Tommy Hanson is expected to rejoin the Angels on Tuesday assuming he feels good after his rehab start last night.

The Monkey Says: I'm writing this before that game, so if his elbow exploded during that rehab start, that headline is going to look pretty stupid.

The Story: J.B. Shuck is the Angels nominee for the Heart and Hustle Award.

The Monkey Says: Congratulations for to J.B. for being the token undersized, scrappy white guy on the roster this year.

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