Halo Headlines: change coming to Japanese league posting system, no Angels nominated for Gold Gloves

The October 28th, 2013 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including change coming to Japanese league posting system, no Angels nominated for Gold Gloves and much more…

The Story: MLB and NPB are near an agreement to change the posting system for Japanese players.

The Monkey Says: This could both help and hurt the Angels as they pursue Tanaka. It helps that they won't have to win the blind bidding for the posting fee, but it hurts in that if they are a finalist, they may have a harder time convincing a player to pick them versus a more internationally renowned team like the Yankees or Red Sox. Frankly, it sounds like the Angels may not even make a serious bid at this point as there name is barely even brought up in relation to Tanaka in the rumor mill in recent weeks.

The Story: The Gold Glove finalists were released and no Angels are included.

The Monkey Says: Trout had a rough season according to advanced metrics, which really had to hurt him now that those stats are formally considered in the nominations. I am, however, mildly surprised that Howie Kendrick didn't get picked as a finalist at second base. He was probably the one Angel that deserved any consideration in this oddly poor defensive season for the club.

The Story: An old picture of Bobby Grich celebrating the Angels' first division title by pouring beer on Richard Nixon's head.

The Monkey Says: I know it is random, but it is also kind of cool. Also, this is a brutally slow news cycle.

The Story: David Eckstein made a parody TV lawyer commercial after his name was invoked in a Parks and Rec easter egg.

The Monkey Says: I love this so much.

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