Halo Headlines: Dipoto prefers to trade than pursue free agents, Vargas unlikely to get qualifying offer

The November 1st, 2013 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Dipoto prefers to trade than pursue free agents, Vargas unlikely to get qualifying offer and much more…

The Story: Jerry Dipoto says his off-season plan involves a preference for making trades.

The Monkey Says: That is no surprise because he once again reiterated their need for young, controllable pitching and that is only available via trade. Some other tidbits Jerry dropped were that he considers it likely that third base will be manned by committee rather than an everyday guy and that Jepsen and Kohn are part of the bullpen going forward. That really only leaves one open bullpen spot though since one more spot, likely Blanton, will be held down by a long reliever. Of course Dipoto almost never lets on more than he has to, so this could all be a steaming pile of bullshit.

The Story: The Angels are unlikely to give Jason Vargas a qualifying offer.

The Monkey Says: Vargas could be deserving of one, but there is a risk he might take it and the Angels don't have the budget flexibility to absorb him potentially accepting the offer. I hope Jason enjoys San Diego.

The Story: Mike Trout, Mark Trumbo and J.B. Shuck are all nominated for GIBBY awards.

The Monkey Says:  Because what baseball really needs is more meaningless awards.

The Story: Las Vegas is giving the Angels 15/1 odds to win the 2014 World Series.

The Monkey Says: That ties them for the sixth-best odds behind the Dodgers, Tigers, Nationals, Cardinals and Red Sox.  That is a bet I am not interested in taking, at least not right now. Ask me again when pitchers and catchers report.

The Story: The Marlins could target Mark Trumbo and Chris Iannetta via trade this winter.

The Monkey Says: I am in no way convinced that the Marlins are going to be buying anything this winter. I certainly don't see why they would want Trumbo right as he is getting expensive. Iannetta I can understand since they are likely getting pressure from the league and union to up payroll this off-season and upgrading at a position where they have on real prospects and taking on a small chunk of salary would help them do that. If the Angels could get Cishek back in a trade involving Iannetta, that is worth making. This appears to all just be speculation from the Marlins beat writer though, not actual reported rumors.

The Story: A review of Peter Bourjos' 2013 season and an insistence that he not be traded.

The Monkey Says: I, too, love Speedy Petey, but I think he is far more likely to be traded and I actually kind of support it. I'm not happy about it, but I understand it. Best start making your peace with it now.

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