Halo Headlines: Dr. Lewis Yocum passes way, Burnett to DL, Hanson activated

The May 29th, 2013 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Dr. Lewis Yocum passes way, Burnett to DL, Hanson activated and much more…

The Story: Angels team physician and famed sports surgeon Dr. Lewis Yocum passed away yesterday.

The Monkey Says: This is a huge blow to the Angels and sports in general. Yocum had been with the Halos for 36 years and only few weeks ago had the team training room named in his honor. There are literally hundreds of players who would not have careers if not for Yocum's pioneering work with Tommy John surgery. He will be missed.

The Story: Sean Burnett was placed on the DL and Tommy Hanson was activated to take his place.

The Monkey Says: The team is spinning Burnett's continue arm problems as a normal part of his recovery, but this hardly seems normal. The good news is that he has been examined a number of times over the last two months, so it is unlikely that anything serious is wrong with him. As for Hanson, this seems like a good sign that he'll pitch on Friday. Although it is odd that the team activated Tommy instead of Weaver since it deprives them of a roster spot that they could've stashed another reliever for a few days.

The Story: Billy Buckner cleared waivers and reported to Triple-A Salt Lake.

The Monkey Says: Buckner will return to Salt Lake to wait for an opportunity to make another spot start. Nothing against him, but let's hope that doesn't happen.

The Story: Mike Trout is statistically the most likely player in the league to hit for the cycle.

The Monkey Says: With his unique blend of speed and power, I really didn't need math to figure that one out for myself.

The Story: The replay of the controversial Monday night call on Aybar getting doubled off shows the ump may have cost the Angels the game.

The Monkey Says: The umpire clearly blew the call. He was in bad position to see if the tag was applied and he should've gotten help. However, don't let this free Aybar from blame for even being that far from the bag that there was even a play to be made.

The Story: Mike Trout projects to be the 17th-best draft pick ever.

The Monkey Says: Somewhere, Eddie Bane is cackling.

The Story: Potential draft targets for the Angels who have the smallest bonus pool of any team in the draft.

The Monkey Says: I disagree with the idea that they have no catching depth, but I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if the Halos go heavy on college players again.

The Story: Tommy Hanson is shaping up to be a non-tender or trade candidate this winter.

The Monkey Says: If Hanson craps the bed the rest of the way, I think he definitely gets non-tendered. He needs to show at least a little something for teams to consider trading for him if the Halos decide that he isn't worth his projected arbitration salary. His fate in Anaheim is probably very closely tied to what the Angels do with Jason Vargas once he hits free agency.

The Story: The Battle of Los Angeles in which the Los Angeles teams actually battle.

The Monkey Says: This includes a SciosciaFace montage, so you know you will be clicking through.

The Story: Let's come up with a better name for Robert Coello's mystery pitch.

The Monkey Says: I thought we already agreed to call it a fuckleball?

The Story: J.B. Shuck is making the most of his opportunity.

The Monkey Says: This simply won't last, but he definitely has shown that he probably deserves a bench job somewhere this year and probably next. That's a big step up from him getting let go by the Houston Astros last winter.

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