Halo Headlines: forecasting the major 2013 awards, Angels spring training schedule released

The October 31st, 2013 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including forecasting the major 2013 awards, Angels spring training schedule released and much more…

The Story: Forecasting the major 2013 awards.

The Monkey Says: A cool idea to try and systematically determine the winner based on voting trends and leaderboards. It turns out their math is good enough to realize that the BBWAA is still looking at the wrong criteria, thus their projection that Miguel Cabrera is a mortal lock for the AL MVP.

The Story: The Angels released their 2014 spring training schedule.

The Monkey Says: This strikes me as just a bit premature, but at least you can set your March travel plans well in advance now. Or you can just drive down for a weekend on a whim. Either way.

The Story: Chris Nelson officially qualified for "Super Two" arbitration status.

The Monkey Says: Meaning he is arbitration eligble this year. That was fully expected, so the Angels are prepared for this development. And by prepared I mean prepared to non-tender him.

The Story: Angels fan Danny Ferris is the 2013 MLB Fan Cave Ultimate Cave Dweller.

The Monkey Says: I think I speak for us all when I say that this totally makes up for the Angels not even coming close to making the World Series.

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