Halo Headlines: Grichuk added to 40-man roster, Cron has breakout in AFL

The November 21st, 2013 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Grichuk added to 40-man roster, Cron has breakout in AFL and much more…

The Story: Randal Grichuk was added to the Angels' 40-man roster.

The Monkey Says: This is really just housekeeping to prevent Grichuk from being stolen away via the Rule V draft. They only had to add one player this year because the upper levels of their minor league system are rather barren. That being said, I wouldn't be suprised to see Jeremy Berg, Ryan Chaffee or Matt Long get taken in the draft.

The Story: C.J. Cron rated as the 15th-best prospect from the Arizona Fall League.

The Monkey Says: This might have been a mini-breakout for Cron as he didn't make the strides, from a statistical standpoint, in Double-A. If he can move to Triple-A and actually hit for power (which shouldn't be hard at Salt Lake) and improve his walk rate, it might prove the naysayers wrong.

The Story: According to SCOUT+, Cron was the fourth-best hitter and Cam Bedrosian was the third-best pitcher in the AFL.

The Monkey Says: Small sample sizes abound, but the two really seemed to acquit themselves nicely. Bedrosian could be in for a breakout season now that he is heading into a season fully healthy and fully prepared to pitch in relief.

The Story: Albert Pujols has the worst contract amongst first basemen.

The Monkey Says: And probably every other position. The only way it gets better is if he makes good on his promise to retire when he realizes he can't compete at a high level anymore.

The Story: Miguel Cabrera would like to play with Albert Pujols someday.

The Monkey Says: Instead of Miggy signing with the Angels after 2015, how about we just let the Tigers take on Albert and his contract. Sound good?

The Story: The Angels are getting involved in the ACT initiative.

The Monkey Says: Hooray for charity.

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