Halo Headlines: Angels players betting on Hamilton getting boos in Texas, Hall and Mills released

The March 25th, 2013 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Angel players betting on how much Hamilton gets booed in Texas, Hall and Mills released and much more…

The Story: The Angels have a clubhouse pool betting on whether or not Josh Hamilton will get booed when he returns to Texas.

The Monkey Says: Can I get in on this because I am willing to literally bet my house on him getting more boos than cheers. Texas fans have absolutely no love lost for Hamilton and were booing him before they even knew he was leaving the team.

The Story: The Angels released Bill Hall.

The Monkey Says: There was a story before this that the Angels might release him only to sign him to a minor league deal after that, but that has yet to materialize. The Halos liked Hall, but his injury cost him a job and he might have to prove healthy before the Angels revisit bringing him back into the organization

The Story: Brad Mills was released and claimed by the Texas Rangers.

The Monkey Says: It stinks to lose Mills to Texas just because they are Texas, but Mills is nothing to cry over. He seems like a classic Quad-A guy who can help out with spot starts. His loss opens up yet another spot on the Angels' 40-man roster.

The Story: Nick Maronde, Chad Cordero and six other were sent down to the minors.

The Monkey Says: Joining them were Fernando Cabrera, Kevin Johnson, Scott Cousins, Matt Young, Tommy Field, Luke Carlin and the aforementioned Mills. This leaves David Carpenter and Garrett Richards all alone as the de facto final bullpen members unless the Angels go out and acquire someone via trade or free agency.

The Story: Ryan Madson threw a bullpen session on Thursday.

The Monkey Says: There was no follow up report or any news about the follow-up session he was supposed to throw on Sunday, which is probably not a good sign.

The Story: Peter Bourjos isn't taking any relief from not having Vernon Wells around threatening his playing time.

The Monkey Says: Well he should because he has no other player around to legitimately challenge him now. Kole Calhoun will take over the fourth outfielder slot, but he has yet to show that he is deserving of anything other than reserve duty, not that Wells did either, but Calhoun lack the "veteran" label that appeals to Scioscia so much.

The Story: Erick Aybar will be given the fist shot at holding down the second spot in the Angels batting order.

The Monkey Says: This is not much of a surprise. I'm not sure it is the best choice, but I'm not sure it is the worst choice either since there is nobody else on the roster who is an obvious upgrade.

The Story: Dave Cameron tabs Erick Aybar as the new "most underrated" player in baseball.

The Monkey Says: I agree with him being very underrated outside of Anaheim, but I think Angels fans are on him pretty well. If anything he might be slightly overrated by Angel fans.

The Story: What it takes to catch Mike Trout on a steal attempt.

The Monkey Says: It appears that he can't actually be caught by someone so much as catch himself by sliding too early.

The Story: Mike Scioscia is concerned about the Angels pitching struggles this spring.

The Monkey Says: We are well passed the point where we can just chalk it up to spring struggles. There isn't a whole lot of encouraging signs in the rotation or bullpen right now. It isn't panic time either though. Everyone knew that the pitching was a question mark going into the season, so it isn't as if everyone was going to be amazing right out of the gate.

The Story: Jered Weaver's lack of velocity and whiffs is a concern.

The Monkey Says: A concern we have been hearing about for months, but I really just include this latest look at it to remind people that Weaver may not even be a guy they can count on.

The Story: Peter Bourjos and Alberto Callaspo are ranked just above 300 in ESPN's rankings while Howie Kendrick just missed cracking the top 150.

The Monkey Says: Some nice love for Kendrick and Callaspo, but I think Bourjos could be ranked a lot higher when ESPN does this pointless exercise next year.

The Story: The Angels will look to replace Torii Hunter's leadership by committee.

The Monkey Says: Even if you really buy into team chemistry, it is kind of preposterous to think there is any shortage of leadership on the Angel roster. This is a nice narrative and all, I just don't think it really holds up to anything of substance.

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