Halo Headlines: Hamilton says Dalls not a ‘baseball town’, Burnett out with stiff back

The February 19th, 2013 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Hamilton says Dalls not a 'baseball town', Burnett out with stiff back and much more…

The Story: Josh Hamilton says that Dallas is not a "baseball town."

The Monkey Says: Obviously people are blowing this out of proportion, but if you can find anyone that believes that the Cowboys aren't far and away the biggest show in town, then you clearly developed the technology to another dimension and I applaud you and wish you good luck in this year's Nobel Prize voting.

The Story: Sean Burnett left practice yesterday to ge an MRI on his stiff back.

The Monkey Says: Scioscia says he is "not overly concerned" but the fact that he is getting an MRI has me "overly concerned." If Madson and Burnett somehow both start the season on the DL, things could get ugly really quickly in the bullpen.

The Story: Jerry Dipoto once again downplays but does not flatly deny having interest in Kyle Lohse.

The Monkey Says: But he still left himself plenty of wiggle room to make the signing if it falls in their lap because that is just how Dipoto speaks and works.

The Story: As expected, Ryan Madson threw off flat ground yesterday.

The Monkey Says: It sounds like it could be some time before he throws off a mound and thus could mean him missing several weeks of the regular season. I can't help but wonder if this won't prompt Dipoto to scour the free agent market for another veteran he can sign to a minor league contract to provide some depth.

The Story: Josh Hamilton tried to better explain his comments about Dallas baseball fans.

The Monkey Says: Put down the shovel, Josh.

The Story: The Rangers management defends their fans against Hamilton's comments.

The Monkey Says: I love that they played the attendance card. Sorry, but that doesn't matter. The Halos drew over 3 million for several years in a row and that did nothing to change the fact that Los Angeles and Orange County are Lakers territory first and foremost.

The Story: Angels PR guy Eric Kay learned the hard way not to park near the outfield fence when Josh Hamilton takes batting practice.

The Monkey Says: I'm sure Josh can afford to replace the windshield for him if his insurance doesn't cover it.

The Story: Randal Grichuk still has time to make an impact like Mike Trout.

The Monkey Says: Umm, no he doesn't. Nobody is going to make an impact like Mike Trout. He's a generational kind of talent. Grichuk does have time to make an impact in MLB, it just won't be like Trout. It would probably help Grichuk too if everyone would stop comparing him to Trout.

The Story: A look back at Kaleb Cowart's organization-best 2012 minor league campaign.

The Monkey Says: As well liked as Cowart is now, it is important to remember that he really did have a lot questions facing him coming into the year. He answered almost all of them but I am somewhat cautious about him maybe regressing in some areas in 2013.

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