Halo Headlines: Callaspo trade reaction, Kendrick, Aybar, Vargas garnering interest, Angels pursuing Ian Kennedy

The July 31st, 2013 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Kendrick, Aybar, Callaspo, Vargas garnering interest, Angels pursuing Ian Kennedy and much more…

The Story: The Royals have talked to the Angels about acquiring Howie Kendrick.

The Monkey Says: That would make a lot of sense for the Angels who want high-end young pitching. They have both Kyle Zimmer and Yordany Ventura who are top 50 prospects and not that far from the majors. That being said, Jayson Stark suggested earlier that the Royals weren't a fit because their pitching offerings weren't ready enough. It is also worth noting that the Royals are on Howie's no-trade list, but even Howie wasn't aware of that, so it shouldn't be an impediment. They've apparently also had conversations with the Dodgers about Kendrick.

The Story: The Angels are shopping Kendrick or Aybar in exchange for front line pitching.

The Monkey Says: They would prefer to move Howie though as he will be easier to replace. Either way, it seems highly likely that the Halos will trigger another trade before the deadline strikes.

The Story: The Callaspo-Green trade was a sort of intra-division challenge trade.

The Monkey Says: Some people aren't that bullish on Green, but it is still hard not to like this deal for the Angels. It is possible that this could come back to bite the Halos though as there are rumors that Callaspo is going to be flipped elsewhere by Oakland.

The Story: The Angels are hopeful of trading for Ian Kennedy from Arizona.

The Monkey Says: This was a bit of a shock to see them looking to buy when they are doing so much selling. A lot of people saw this and freaked out thinking that the Halos would swap Kendrick for Kennedy, but really the two aren't related. Not only does Arizona not need Kendrick (they have Aaron Hill), but the D'Backs are only looking to dump Kennedy in the event that they acquire another better starter. If Kennedy can be had for cheap, it is worth it. However, he isn't nearly the pitcher he showed he was in 2011, so there is a fear that the Halos could overpay for him.

The Story: The Baltimore Orioles are considering a trade for Jason Vargas.

The Monkey Says: Vargas isn't healthy yet, so this might not materialize until after the deadline. The O's gave up Jake Arrietta and Pedro Stop for Scott Feldman earlier this year, so that should hopefully serve as a good baseline for the kind of price they'd be willing to pay for Vargas.

The Story: The St. Louis Cardinals have contacted the Angels regarding Erick Aybar.

The Monkey Says: Between Michael Wacha and Carlos Martinez, the Cards have the big league ready pitching available. They are pretty stringy about giving up those arms though. The bigger complication though is that the Angels would have a hell of a time finding someone to start at shortstop in 2014.

The Story: The Battle of Los Angels returns.

The Monkey Says: Now with more giant Hank Conger yawn face.

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