Halo Headlines: Iannetta named AL Player of the Week, Angels recall Hanson and four others

The September 17th, 2013 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Iannetta named AL Player of the Week, Angels recall Hanson and four others and much more…

The Story: Chris Iannetta was named the AL Player of the Week.

The Monkey Says: He is the first Angel catcher to win the award since Ellie Rodriguez in 1974, further proving my theory that there is an anti-Mathis bias in the media.

The Story: The Angels added Tommy Hanson, Robert Coello, Matt Shoemaker, Efren Navarro and Tommy Field to the active roster.

The Monkey Says: It remains to be seen what chance they will give Hanson to pitch in the rotation. Shoemaker is someone I'd like to see get a start or two. He isn't much of a prospect, but he has posted strong numbers in Salt Lake, so it is worth kicking the tires on him. Field should see time at third and Coello figures to be heavily used out of the bullpen. As for Navarro, he might get some token ABs, but this promotion is really more of a gesture than anything else. It remains to be seen if any other call-ups are coming, but I wouldn't be surprised if Michael Roth and/or Nick Maronde were promoted later this week.

The Story: Jered Weaver is the Angels nominee for the Roberto Clemente Award.

The Monkey Says: I find the idea that Weaver, who is constantly screaming and swearing at himself on the mound, is being nominated for a sportsmanship award.

The Story: Mike Trout is making history this season, especially with his hit and walk totals.

The Monkey Says: It is a rare combination indeed and he is only getting better at it. The leap he took in drawing walks within the season itself is pretty staggering.

The Story: Finger-wagging at the Angels and their fans because they aren't as classy as the Red Sox.

The Monkey Says: How is the view from your high horse, Mr. Dwyre? Teams aren't obligated to honor retiring players or milestones of opposing star players. That the Red Sox did it is fine, but that doesn't mean anyone is a jerk if they don't do it. It is a competitive game, you can't expect people to put that aside so easily.

The Story: Jose Rondon is one prospect that exceeded expectations in the minors this season.

The Monkey Says: Finally, someone has something nice to say about an Angel prospect.

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