Halo Headlines: Jered Weaver scratched with forearm tightness, Mike Trout discusses his approach

The September 20th, 2013 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Jered Weaver scratched with forearm tightness, Mike Trout discusses his approach and much more…

The Story: Jered Weaver has been scratched from his start today with Matt Shoemaker taking his place.

The Monkey Says: They are saying this is precautionary due to some forearm tightness, but that tightness began two starts ago when his velocity conspicuously tailed off again, so there might be some legitimate concern here. It also is a convenient way to give Shoemaker a start to see what he is capable of. As many others have noted, Tommy Hanson was passed over for the spot start, so he should probably go right ahead and put his house on the market.

The Story: Mike Trout discusses his approach at the plate.

The Monkey Says: This is fantastic. It gives a lot of insight into Trout's process and how little preparation there actually is. With his famed ability to make adjustments, I just assumed he studied up on pitchers beforehand, but it turns out he doesn't at all. He just adjusts on the fly because he is a mental baseball savant in addition to being a physical freak of nature.

The Story: The Angels are playing for a lot more than reaching .500.

The Monkey Says: They also believe in this surge somehow providing confidence going into next season. That doesn't really make sense to me, but whatever floats your boat. Even if you believe that, I'm guessing the fact that either Dipoto or Scioscia is going to get whacked some time in the next few weeks is going to go a long way towards killing that momentum and chemistry.

The Story: In his first column for the OC Register, T.J. Simers basically blames Arte Moreno for his departure from the LA Times.

The Monkey Says: Or that is what the summary of his column says because I refuse to pay even one cent to a paper that willing employees Simers, Mark Whicker and Jeff Miller.

The Story: Introducing Offense and Defense metrics.

The Monkey Says: Guess who is #1 in Offense (the total runs above average a player contributes via batting and baserunning) on this year's leaderboard? I'll give you a hint: it isn't Miguel Cabrera.

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