Halo Headlines: Williams wants to be non-tendered, wondering why Moreno won’t pay the luxury tax

The December 2nd, 2013 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Williams wants to be non-tendered, wondering why Moreno won't pay the luxury tax and much more…

The Story: The agent of Jerome Williams hopes that his client will be non-tendered by the Angels today.

The Monkey Says: He will probably get his wish. Williams is not a real candidate for the Angel rotation, so his projected arbitration salary of just under $4 million is too expensive for them to hold onto with Williams serving as a long reliever. It isn't entirely impossible that some other team will find that price tag reasonable and trade a throwaway prospect for Williams so that they don't have to compete for him in free agency. He'd be an ideal target for a rebuilding club like the Astros who have some payroll to spend and need a guy to eat innings.

The Story: It is strange that Arte Moreno has been such a free-spender but refuses to pay the luxury tax.

The Monkey Says: I hate it when I agree with Jeff Miller, but he is spot on. As I've written previously. The Angels could get away with paying the luxury tax in 2014 and have a relatively easy time getting back under the tax line in 2015, thus avoiding the harsher repeat offender penalty.

The Story: Joe Blanton and Josh Hamilton are the Angels representatives for the All-Free-Agent-Mistake team.

The Monkey Says: Albert Pujols would like to thank the author for somehow excluding his financial albatross of a contract from this list.

The Story: Building the perfect center fielder.

The Monkey Says: Somehow this is not just, "MIke Trout. The end." I guess he could use a better arm, but after that, I don't see why all these other inferior specimens need to get involved.

The Story: The Angels as a TV show.

The Monkey Says: All Walking Dead, all the time.

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