Halo Headlines: Hamilton doesn’t know why he didn’t play on Sunday, Madson resumes throwing

The June 18th, 2013 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Hamilton doesn't know why he didn't play on Sunday, Madson resumes throwing and much more…

The Story: Ryan Madson has resumed playing long toss but is still dealing with pain.

The Monkey Says: That he is throwing is nice and all, but even he admits that they still don't know what the source of the pain is. This is not looking promising.

The Story: Josh Hamilton still doesn't know exactly why he was scratched from the lineup on Sunday.

The Monkey Says: Scioscia claims it was both mental and physical, but basic logic suggests that it was just that Sosh didn't think Hamilton could be effective against C.C. Sabathia. Why he couldn't make that clear to Hamilton though is a mystery.

The Story: Mike Scioscia is confident that Jered Weaver is making progress.

The Monkey Says: He hasn't been that sharp in his three starts since coming back from injury, but he did miss 50 days on the DL and really only had one simulated game as his rehab, so it isn't a huge shock that he might still be a bit rusty. The fact that his velocity has held up is a very good sign, now he just needs his command to come around.

The Story: Mike Trout became the fastest player to score 200 runs since Ted Williams.

The Monkey Says: Imagine how much faster it would have happened if he didn't have depleted versions of Josh Hamilton and Albert Pujols hitting behind him.

The Story: For Mike Trout, there is no ceiling to what he could accomplish.

The Monkey Says: A nice fluff piece on Trout, but given that it is in the Washington Post, I can't help but wonder if this isn't a columnist trying to troll the Nationals and Bryce Harper.

The Story: The Angels continue to be plagued by one of the worst defenses in baseball.

The Monkey Says: This one is a mystery to me because they are generally a very talented defensive team. Callaspo obviously has his struggles and playing long periods without Bourjos and Aybar don't help, but they still shouldn't be this bad.

The Story: A look at prospect Mark Sappington's progress this year in High-A.

The Monkey Says: Sappington has posted solid numbers with the 66ers, but the reports of noticeable arm speed issues and an inconsistent breaking ball are discouraging. The general consensus has been that he will wind up in relief and this report does little to change that although some of his flaws are of the fixable variety.

The Story: A look at the shift in Albert Pujols' hot zones for power within the strike zone.

The Monkey Says: It looks to me like he is still more dangerous inside, it is just that the ceiling for his danger has been lowered, likely because of reduced bat speed. How much of that is from mere aging and how much is from his leg ailments, it is hard to say.

The Story: C.J. Wilson talks about what MLB players think about when it comes to the hotels they stay in on the road.

The Monkey Says: Wilson lords his clean eating over the other players who are all primarily interested in eating overpriced candy from the minibar.

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