Halo Headlines: Hamilton says he’d ‘suck anywhere right now,’ Weaver a giant red flag

The April 9th, 2013 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Hamilton says he'd 'suck anywhere right now,' Weaver a giant red flag and much more…

The Story: Josh Hamilton says "he'd suck anywhere right now."

The Monkey Says: He's trying to deflect but the other quotes suggest he is still very bothered by all of this. He not only doubles down on the "not a baseball town" comments, but he even semi-jokingly suggests that he'd like to believe that the fans were actually booing the Texas front office for not bringing him back. Umm, yeah, not so much, Josh.

The Story: Jered Weaver's loss of velocity is a giant red flag.

The Monkey Says: Weaver has great command, deception and ability to change speeds, but he is practically the slowest thrower in the league right now. He might be able to survive at this velocity with all his other skills, but it is hard to see him dominating like he used to. It is even harder to see him remaining effective by the end of his contract if his velocity continues to decline.

The Story: Josh Hamilton denies giving the middle finger to fans in the right field stands in Texas.

The Monkey Says: He says he was giving them the "football sign." I have no idea what that is, but it is Texas, so I'm sure such a thing exists. I am also sure he didn't give the finger because we live in an age where everything is captured by TV or cell phone cameras and no picture of this obscene gesture has emerged. I suppose he could've done it, but it seems pretty dubious.

The Story: Reflecting on Nick Adenhart on the anniversary of his death.

The Monkey Says: Don't drink and drive, people. RIP, Nick, Henry and Courtney.

The Story: Should the Ranger fans have booed Josh Hamilton?

The Monkey Says: There are some people who think booing is never appropriate, but I don't think that is the case. Had he not made some of the comments he made after he left, I don't think his treatment would've been called for, but he was pretty much asking for it.

The Story: The Angels are focusing on beefing up their farm system.

The Monkey Says: It will be very interesting to see how a lot of those arms pan out. The Angels have only a few high end rotation arms in the pipeline right now and most of those guys have bust potential too. With the Angels giving up so many draft picks and focusing more on taking college players, the player development team really has their work cut out for them when it comes to squeezing some future production out of the current crop of prospects.

The Story: The evolution of Jered Weaver.

The Monkey Says: If any pitcher can survive with reduced velocity, it is Weaver, but even he has to have some sort of point of no return where he just can't be the same guy with decreasing velocity.

The Story: The beautiful thing that is Albert Pujols.

The Monkey Says: Seeing him look much better at the plate is beautiful, but seeing him even just job to first base after an intentional walk makes my feet and knees hurt.

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