Halo Headlines: Josh Hamilton sucks edition

The June 20th, 2013 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including a whole bunch of stories on how much Josh Hamilton sucks and much more…

The Story: All Josh Hamilton can say regarding his struggles is, "It's been weird, man."

The Monkey Says: He also goes on to say how that he is frustrated and down about his ongoing issues, so all you trolls out there who insist that Josh "just doesn't care" can finally shut up. By the way, Hamilton is pretty much all we are focusing on today because nobody cared to write anything else Angels-related yesterday.

The Story: If fans think Josh Hamilton doesn't care, they are "mistaken."

The Monkey Says: Well, I guess that makes the whole "caring" thing a little more clear.

The Story: Taking small pleasure in Josh Hamilton's struggles.

The Monkey Says: Surprisingly, this is from Rob Neyer and not a Rangers fan.

The Story: Josh Hamilton was the second player since 1916 to have no hits, two strikeouts and three GIDPs in one game.

The Monkey Says: Hey, look, everyone! Josh Hamilton is making history! Yay!

The Story: Umpire John Hirschbeck's unfair strike zone on left-handed batters deserves some of the blame for Hamilton's poor night on Tuesday.

The Monkey Says: Please don't. Hamilton makes up enough excuses on his own, let's not enable his behavior.

The Story: The contract do-overs of the AL West.

The Monkey Says: Do you take Pujols or Hamilton? I understand the impulse to re-do Pujols, but I actually lean towards Hamilton who looks to be irreparably broken whereas Pujols has shown signs of rebounding. Plus I actually believe him when he says he will retire once he realizes he can't compete anymore, so there is a chance of getting the cake and eating it too.

The Story: Ryan Madson gives the full details on his rehab and the lack of progress.

The Monkey Says: Sorry, had to have something non-Hamilton related. This piece though pretty much tells you all you need to know about how desperate Madson's situation is. If he had a plasma-rich platelet injection and still is feeling pain, he's boned.

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