Halo Headlines: La Russa denies he might replace Scisocia, Butcher not worried about job security

The April 19th, 2013 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including La Russa denies he might replace Scisocia, Butcher not worried about job security and much more…

The Story: Tony La Russa shot down rumors that he might replace Mike Scioscia as manager.

The Monkey Says: And so it begins, wild speculation with no shred of evidence causing problems. It is almost hard to believe the NY Post wasn't somehow behind this.

The Story: Pitching coach Mike Butcher is not worried about his job security.

The Monkey Says: Well, he should be because he sure seems like he is going to be the sacrificial lamb this year if the Angels decide they need one. He doesn't seem to have angered any players in the way Mickey Hatcher did last season, but every struggling team needs a scapegoat at some point.

The Story: Changing managers is not going to fix anything for the Angels.

The Monkey Says: No, probably not. Some want to see Scioscia gone, but it isn't clear that he is doing anything particularly egregious to merit being fired mid-season. That mid-season part is important too. Finding a competent manager in April or May is damn near impossible. If a change in voice is what the Halos need, they probably would have to wait until after the season to find the right voice. That would leave them to operate with a stopgap until then, essentially punting on the 2013 season altogether. At that point, they are better off sticking with Sosh and seeing if he can't turn it around because he is far more qualified to do so than some interim manager.

The Story: Jerry Dipoto insists the Angels will have to "get ourselves out."

The Monkey Says: Which is Dipoto's way of saying he is not going to panic and he probably isn't going to make a trade, at least not a major one. Grab onto something, folks. We are going to have to just ride this thing out.

The Story: A look at just how bad the Angels' pitching has been thus far.

The Monkey Says: (spends ten minutes slamming head on desk)

The Story: A look at how all the Angels who joined new teams in 2013 are doing.

The Monkey Says: Let the pining for Torii Hunter commence in 3… 2… 1…

The Story: Imagining a new version of the "classic" movie Angels in the Outfield.

The Monkey Says: It is official, people have completely run out of new ways to describe how disappointing the Angels are.

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