Halo Headlines: leave Trout in CF, Hanson to start Friday

The May 31st, 2013 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including a plea to leave Trout in center field, Tommy Hanson to start Friday and much more…

The Story: A plea to leave Mike Trout in center field.

The Monkey Says: This is horribly misguided. To suggest that Trout is hitting better because he got to return to center is stupid considering that Trout himself said it was actually an adjustment in his stance that triggered his hot streak. But it only gets worse as Rosenthal suggests only former players understand that comfort on defense can help at the plate, but then somehow discounts Scioscia as a former player because he is now a manager, which makes no sense whatsoever. The real kicker though is Rosenthal foolishly suggesting that Peter Bourjos and J.B. Shuck should platoon when Bourjos returns even though Shuck is wildly overachieving with the bat right now and is nowhere near the fielder that Bourjos is. I hate everything about this column.

The Story: Tommy Hanson will make the start today.

The Monkey Says: The Angels will then follow him with Williams-Wilson-Blanton-Weaver-Vargas. At that point, the Angels then get an off day that will allow Scioscia to finally decide on whether or not to keep Blanton or Williams in the rotation.

The Story: A poll on the Mike Trout, Bryce Harper and Manny Machado debate.

The Monkey Says: Stop it. Just stop it. Why must we always compare and rank? SKIP BAYLESS IS RUINING US ALL!!!

The Story: Former castoff J.B. Shuck is now a solid member of the roster.

The Monkey Says: For now, I have very little faith in him continuing to be even slightly above replacement level considering his complete lack of power and surprisingly poor defense.

The Story: Mike Scioscia is familiar with the hot seat Don Mattingly is now on.

The Monkey Says: Yeah, I'm sure Scioscia is real broken up about it considering he was fending off questions of his job security a few weeks ago. Maybe, just maybe, Sosh has bigger things to worry about.

The Story: Peter Bourjos should begin a rehab assignment next week.

The Monkey Says: Hurry back, Pete. That way we can keep arguing about what position you should play defensively, where in the order you should hit and whether or not you should be traded.

The Story: A look at the top "landmark fans" in baseball.

The Monkey Says: These are the fans that attend almost every game and sit behind homeplate and thus are always on TV. Sadly, the Halos have Scott Boras. If only we could trade him for Front Row Amy.

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