Halo Headlines: no extension talks for Trout (yet), Trout wins team MVP

The September 26th, 2013 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including no extension talks for Trout (yet), Trout wins team MVP and much more…

The Story: Mike Trout and the Angels have yet to discuss a long-term contract.

The Monkey Says: PANIC!!!!!! THE SKY IS FALLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or just calm down. This isn't the time of year where these talks happen, especially when your GM is on the hot seat. And don't pay any mind to Trout's comments either. A lot of people are trying to frame them as Trout having one foot out the door, but really he isn't saying anything out of the ordinary (and some of the comments actually come from his agent, which hold no real credence). Just because he isn't tripping over himself to say that he wants to stay with the Angels doesn't mean he isn't going to sign up long-term.

The Story: Mike Trout wins his second straight Angels team MVP.

The Monkey Says: It should've gone to Shuck. He's grittier and plays harder… or something like that.

The Story: A look at manager's who could be fired this winter.

The Monkey Says: While they rightfully point out that those rumors have cooled, I still think Scioscia or Dipoto is going to get canned. The rumors were too persistent earlier in the year and, frankly, there are changes that need to be made.

The Story: C.J. Wilson thinks it is unfair to blame the Rangers' struggles on Nelson Cruz.

The Monkey Says: It is a bit odd that C.J. is sticking up for Cruz as Wilson has had harsh comments for PED users in the past. He is probably right though. There is a lot more wrong with Texas than just not having Cruz. To be quite honest, the blame for that falls on their GM for not having a contingency plan as everyone knew well in advance that Cruz could get suspended but Daniels didn't really address that loss of depth until it was too late.

The Story: Tommy Hanson drew praise for how he pitched in his return from the minors.

The Monkey Says: He looked great, but he only did it once and likely won't get more than two chances to show that again. Even if he looks great in his remaining games, it likely won't be enough to convince the Angels to keep him. At best it might convince a team to trade for him rather than wait to see him get non-tendered, but that is an unlikely scenario.

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