Halo Headlines: Red Sox could show interest in Trumbo, BP’s top ten Angels prospects

The November 11th, 2013 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Red Sox could show interest in Trumbo, BP's top ten Angels prospects and much more…

The Story: The Red Sox are likely to show interest in a trade for Mark Trumbo if Mike Napoli signs elsewhere.

The Monkey Says: It is scary to think how many homers Trumbo could hit in Fenway. The proposed, and purely speculative, trade offer of Will Middlebrooks and Felix Doubront is a solid one. but I'd like to think the Angels can do better.

The Story: Baseball Prospectus unveils their top 10 Angels prospects.

The Monkey Says: It still ain't pretty, but at least there is a glimmer of hope given in regards to the talent in the low minors. Although that might've just been Parks trying to show a little pity for a pretty barren system. Either way, it is never a good thing when the top prospect in the system only has one thing listed in "The Tools" section.

The Story: The Angels may already be moving on from Jason Vargas.

The Monkey Says: I've said all along that I think he is just their failsafe option if pursuing Tanaka and trades doesn't bring back the talent they want. I like Vargas, but he was hardly a difference maker for the Halos. They feel they need an impact arm or two, but the only thing Vargas does well is soak up innings.

The Story: Projecting the landing spots for top trade candidates including Mark Trumbo.

The Monkey Says: I can't disagree about the Pirates thing. That makes too much sense. The only reason Trumbo won't end up a Pirate is because the Angels will want a big league ready arm like Cole or Taillon, both of whom are too good to be traded for Trumbo, but Pittsburgh will offer back lesser arms that are at least a year away like Heredia or Kingham. As for the Rays, even if it isn't in a trade for Price, I don't see it happening. This is the third winter in a row where a Trumbo-to-Tampa trade has made all the sense in the world. There has to be a reason that it hasn't happened yet.

The Story: Keith Law breaks down the free agent market.

The Monkey Says: This is just one of the entries, but I don't want link to them all. This one though talks about Trumbo and Law's perception that he is just a platoon player. I disagree with that, but that dismissive opinion of Trumbo is how some GMs could see him and why I don't think the Halos will get the kind of value they are seeking in return. That being said, in the same entry, Law lauds Bourjos for being worth at least one win per season on defense alone. That strikes me as an odd reference given that Trumbo has been at least a two win player in each of his three seasons. Mark can obviously provide more value than a platoon player if you want to use WAR as your measuring stick.

The Story: Angels pitching prospect Michael Roth underwent surgery to remove a cyst from his thumb.

The Monkey Says: This caused a premature end to his AFL season, but the surgery is pretty minor and shouldn't affect his availability for spring training where Roth will be a dark horse candidate for a bullpen spot.

The Story: Unsurprisingly, Mike Trout is in the top ten of hitters against 95+ MPH fastballs.

The Monkey Says: It is safe to assume that he is in the top ten of just about every category.

The Story: The Angels don't need an off-season overhaul.

The Monkey Says: They don't need one, but they do need a lot to go right for them in 2014 with health and bounceback seasons. Frankly, whether or not they need one is a moot point because they are so boxed in with long-term contracts that they can't actually pull off a true overhaul.

The Story: A look at the difference in franchise valuations between Bloomberg and Forbes.

The Monkey Says: Bloomberg has the Angels valued at over a $1 billion as it factors in that the Halos own a chunk of Fox Sports West, which is often overlooked. This doesn't help them in their payroll crunch, but it does show that if the Angels need to start dipping into the luxury tax to try and fix this mess, then Arte Moreno doesn't exactly have a right to plead poverty.

The Story: A look at the close friendship between Angel pitching prospects Mark Sappington and Mike Morin.

The Monkey Says: Do you even lift, bro?

The Story: The top ten LA Angels shirseys.

The Monkey Says: Who the hell thought it was a good idea to even manufacture a Trevor Bell shirsey? I'm guessing it wasn't The Big Catorce.

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