Halo Headlines: Rockies interested in Trumbo, reconsidering the trade value of Bourjos

The November 27th, 2013 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Rockies interested in Trumbo, reconsidering the trade value of Bourjos and much more…

The Story: The Colorado Rockies have expressed interest in Mark Trumbo.

The Monkey Says: Trumbo would be a great fit in Denver, but I can't imagine the Rockies having anything that interests the Halos. Trumbo probably isn't on the block anymore anyway, so this is probably not worth spending too much time on.

The Story: Peter Bourjos may not have had the trade value that many critics of his trade believed.

The Monkey Says: I have to agree with Rosenthal on this. Leading up to the trade, the narrative around Bourjos was that the Angels were selling low on him because he had a ton of injury problems and had yet to prove he got consistently produce with the bat. Then he gets traded and everyone started acting like they gave a way a blue chip player. I'm not usually one to play this card, but it very much felt to me like most people (Angels fans included) were predetermined to hate the trade for the Halos and love it for the Cardinals just because of how well each sides' previous moves had worked out.

The Story: Joe Smith is a very different pitcher against left-handed batters.

The Monkey Says: Or at least he was in 2013, which may not have been enough of a sample size. Still, it is interesting to see that he is almost an extreme flyball pitcher against lefties, but a groundball machine against righties. How Scioscia will work with that, if he is even going to be aware of it, remains to be seen.

The Story: Ranking and analyzing the "core" players of each MLB team.

The Monkey Says: The Angels have the 7th "best" core according to this model, but it is also clear that there is not a strong correlation between a good core and team success, so I'm not real sure what to take away from this other than Mike Trout is amazing. I'm pretty sure we already knew that.

The Story: A look at this year's nominees for the Best Hitting Performance GIBBY.

The Monkey Says: If you vote for Trout's cycle (or any cycle, for that matter) over Trumbo's five-hit game, you are banned from this blog.

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