Halo Headlines: Madson looks good in rehab, Bourjos report improvement

The May 14th, 2013 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Madson looks good in rehab, Bourjos report improvement and much more…

The Story: Ryan Madson struck out one and allowed no baserunners in his first rehab appearance last night.

The Monkey Says: There is speculation he could be activated Wednesday, but the Angels might have him make another rehab appearance. Even when he does come back, don't get too excited too soon because he is not yet back to form as his 92 MPH average fastball last night indicates. It could be weeks or even months before he regains his old velocity and effectiveness. At this point, I'm not sure if he'll ever even work his way back into the closer role.

The Story: Peter Bourjos reported improvement in his hamstring but still unlikely to return before early June.

The Monkey Says: At a point you have to wonder if the Halos need to pick someone else up because the Shuck/Lucho platoon isn't getting it done and Kole Calhoun probably won't be ready to play again before Bourjos is.

The Story: Mike Trout will return to left field when Peter Bourjos comes off the disabled list.

The Monkey Says: As he admitted the other day, it was a change in stance that ignited him on this hot streak, so pay no mind to the antiquated notion that what defensive position a guy plays affecting his performance with the bat. Trout is great in center but Bourjos is better.

The Story: Ten things to know about Mark Trumbo.

The Monkey Says: Turns out he likes Seattle a lot, which I obviously can't argue with. I just hope he doesn't ever end up a Mariner because Seattle is pretty much where former Angels go to die.

The Story: This week in Albert Pujols running in pain.

The Monkey Says: I don't care if he showed some more speed this week, he shouldn't be playing the field at all anymore.

The Story: Vote for the best uniforms in baseball bracket.

The Monkey Says: I think the Angel uniforms are pretty bland. Unsurprisingly, they are look like they are going to be ousted in the first round. As I write this, they are losing to the Twins. I am torn on that because their road uniforms are magnificent but I kind of hate their home threads. Also, I apologize for referring to a baseball uniform as "threads."

The Story: The worst umpiring gaffes of the season.

The Monkey Says: These are all so terrible and we are only in mid-May. Why can't we just invent cyborg umpires already.

The Story: Some minor league pitchers who have out-clauses in their contracts coming up soon.

The Monkey Says: How bad is the Angels' pitching depth that I was like "Oh! We could get Tim Stauffer?"

The Story: A running total of the money each team has lost to players on the disabled list.

The Monkey Says: How about money and production lost to slugging first basemen trying to play through an injury?

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