Halo Headlines: Burnett activated from DL, the five stages of SciosciaFace

The May 22nd, 2013 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Sean Burnett activated from the DL, the five stages of SciosciaFace and much more…

The Story: Sean Burnett was activated from the DL for last night's game with Ryan Brasier option to Triple-A.

The Monkey Says: The question is does Mike Scioscia actually remember how to use a reliever who he has actually heard of before and who is actually capable of getting people out? Inquiring minds want to know!

The Story: The Battle of Los Angeles and the Five Stages of SciosciaFace.

The Monkey Says: "Glutinous web." Congrats on having your breakfast ruined.

The Story: Keith Law "re-drafted" the 2003 draft with the Angels taking Jarrod Saltalamacchia.

The Monkey Says: To understand why that is so crazy, keep in mind that the Angels originally used that selection on, wait for it…. Brandon Wood! Congrats on having your whole day ruined too.

The Story: The Texas Rangers made the right call to not re-sign Josh Hamilton.

The Monkey Says: Judging a decision after 45 games worth of hindsight is never a bad idea, right? I'm not saying Texas didn't make the right decision, but let's hold off judgment until at least the end of the season seeing how there is plenty of season left and the Rangers' current record is built on the back of them pummeling the rest of the crappy teams in the AL West.

The Story: Kevin Jepsen is moving his rehab to Salt Lake for two games this week.

The Monkey Says: That sure sounds like a plan that should have him back in the Angel bullpen by next week. I'll let you decide if that is something worth getting excited about or not.

The Story: Ryan Madson will continue his rehab at some point later this week.

The Monkey Says: Apologies for linking to a response to one of my own tweets but the team is being very secretive about Ryan Madson's status. He was supposed to make two relief appearances with the 66ers last week but ended up making only one and then they said they were sending him to Triple-A. As of this writing, he still hasn't reported to Salt Lake and thus hasn't thrown in a game in over a week. But the thing is that none of the beat reporters are all that clear on what is going on with him. The team is feeding out some lazy excuse of them wanting to get a nice rest between rehab stops, but he now has eight days worth of rest, so one can only assume that he is once again experiencing problems and the team is trying to keep it quiet.

The Story: Tommy Hanson will not make his scheduled start this Saturday but will report to extended spring training.

The Monkey Says: He has missed a few starts, so it isn't too surprising that he needs to build up his stamina again. This likely means that Garrett Richards or, gulp, Billy Buckner will be asked to make the spot start. Part of me wonders if the Angels shouldn't just throw Hanson to the wolves since their alternatives are so poor anyway. The other part of me is quietly sobbing in the corner.

The Story: Jered Weaver could be activated if his extended spring training outing goes well today.

The Monkey Says: Finally, some good news! If they do activate him, the likely return date for him will be Tuesday the 28th, which would be Joe Blanton's rotation spot. Or maybe I am just engaging in wishful thinking.

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