Halo Headlines: Burnett out at least a month, Coello placed on DL, De La Rosa recalled

The June 12th, 2013 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Sean Burnett out at least a month, Robert Coello placed on the DL, Dane De La Rosa recalled and much more…

The Story: Sean Burnett's exam found no new damage, but he won't touch a baseball for at least a month.

The Monkey Says: So there is no surgery, but there is also no real idea of what he needs to do to get healthy. Shutting him down for a month amounts to just crossing their fingers that things work themselves out in that time. Even if they do, he is going to need several weeks of progressing through a throwing program to be ready for big league action again. Best case scenario, he returns in early August. It seems far more likely that by the time he is healthy, the Angels are out of contention and just keep him on the DL for the rest of the season.

The Story: Robert Coello was placed on the DL with shoulder inflammation and Dane De La Rosa was recalled to take his place.

The Monkey Says: Coello claims his arm problems started a week or two ago, which is conveniently right before he started not being able to get anyone out.

The Story: Ryan Madson is beyond frustrated with his recovery from elbow surgery.

The Monkey Says: I suppose he will be the next one to get another check up from Dr. Andrews. He also seems like a poor bet to contribute much of anything to the Angels this season.

The Story: Peter Bourjos is keeping his opinion to himself regarding whether he or Trout play center and/or bat leadoff.

The Monkey Says: Even Bourjos knows that you don't tug on Superman's cape. Albert Pujols, however, did weigh in and told Jeff Fletcher of the OC Register yesterday that the idea of Trout's defensive position impacting his offense is downright laughable.

The Story: Angel players believe that injuries have been a primary culprit in their terrible start.

The Monkey Says: That's a nice excuse and it does hold some weight, but there is so much more with this team than a few injuries to the pitching staff. The real issue is that several stars who have been healthy have performed well below expectations.

The Story: Does the pressure of high expectations hinder teams and players?

The Monkey Says: It probably doesn't help, but I tend to think it is more just losing in general that puts pressure on guys. Many Angels, including Trout, have talked openly about how the Halos are making matters worse for themselves because they are putting too much pressure on themselves to produce. It is a real thing, but I think it is a chicken or the egg debate.-

The Story: The Battle of Los Angeles featuring much Blanton bashing.

The Monkey Says: And lots and lots of Puig because that is unavoidable at all times now.

The Story: Could Joe Blanton tie or surpass the team record for losses, which is 19.

The Monkey Says: Win-loss record for a pitcher is stupid, so let's not spend much time worrying about this. Also, I have a hard time thinking he can continue to pitch that poorly and not eventually get replaced in the rotation.

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