Halo Headlines: Angels hit rock bottom, Trout has confidence in Pujols and Hamilton

The June 5th, 2013 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Angels hit rock bottom, Trout has confidence in Pujols and Hamilton and much more…

The Story: Mike Scioscia had some choice comments after holding a team meeting in the wake of the sweep by the Astros.

The Monkey Says: When it comes to a "switch flipped off" and "fire and a sense of urgency," that is something Sciocsia is supposed to be taking care of. If he is really going to go to the media to deliver the message, while it might make the fan base feel better, it really does speak to how desperate he is getting as this is very much not his style.

The Story: The Angels still have a slim chance at saving their season in the wake of the sweep by the Astros.

The Monkey Says: Since this seems to keep coming up, let's just call it the Astrocalypse. I really don't think the Angels have a chance even with the example of the 2012 A's there for them to follow. The problem is that they are just now finishing up the absolute easiest part of their schedule and they have basically just managed to tread water over the 29-game stretch. It isn't impossible, but the degree of difficulty is exceptionally high.

The Story: Mike Trout is confident that both Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton will turn their seasons around.

The Monkey Says: Since when does the 21-year old have to give a legend like Pujols and a star like Hamilton a public vote of confidence? It is totally harmless, but it feels weird.

The Story: It is believed that the Angels would be sellers at the trade deadline.

The Monkey Says: I agree with the premise that they won't give up on 2014, bu that doesn't preclude them from selling as they do have a few guys on expiring contracts. They could even sell of a few larger pieces and contend again if they get creative.

The Story: A man at Monday's Angel game moved out of the way of a flying bat only to have it hit his wife.

The Monkey Says: Now that is really hitting rock bottom.

The Story: Battle of Los Angeles Week 10 featuring metaphorical GIFs.

The Monkey Says: I highly recommend not having any water in your mouth when you get to the MattinglyFace. I was unprepared and now I have water spots on my monitor.

The Story: MLB is preparing to suspend upwards of 20 players in connection with the Biogenesis scandal.

The Monkey Says: No Angels are thought to be involved, but only a few names have surfaced, so you never know. Make no mistake though that whatever happens with this, it is going to be a sideshow. The fight will long and it will be ugly. It also could really throw several teams into turmoil, several contenders to be specific. As weird and morbid as it sounds, this might be a big break for the Halos… assuming they come out clean when the names emerge.

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