Halo Headlines: Trout batting leadoff for AL All-Stars, Howie Kendrick’s trade value

The July 16th, 2013 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Trout batting leadoff for AL All-Stars, Howie Kendrick's trade value and much more…

The Story: Mike Trout will be batting leadoff for the American League in the All-Star Game.

The Monkey Says: Which is great because now I only need to watch one at-bat of the All-Star Game so that I can feel like a loyal fan.

The Story: Howie Kendrick just missed the cut for the top 50 trade value rankings.

The Monkey Says: He has a reasonable contract and his production floor is actually pretty high, so I'd think he'd be pretty valuable but he defniitely isn't in the top 50.

The Story: Figuring out an "Inside the park Home Run" Derby.

The Monkey Says: This would be great. MLB really should have an expanded skills competition outside of the normal HR Derby. I feel like they are missing out on a lot of entertainment value. Of course they would probably have Chris Berman announce it and ruin it for everyone.

The Story: Checking in on the AL West and wondering if BABIP boosts for Pujols and Hamilton could help the Angels.

The Monkey Says: That would definitely help, but that assumes the BABIP dips aren't caused by something other than bad luck. We all know Pujols is broken down, so I wouldn't count on anything there. As for Hamilton, who the hell knows what is wrong with him, but it definitely isn't just bad luck.

The Story: A scouting report on the Angels' 2013 3rd round pick Keynan Middleton.

The Monkey Says: Looks like a big gamble from Dipoto as Middleton has very little experience. That is a stark contrast from Jerry's first draft class which was full of safe picks.

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