Halo Headlines: Trout finishes 2nd in AL MVP voting, Dipoto and Scioscia improving communication

The November 15th, 2013 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Trout finishes 2nd in AL MVP voting, Dipoto and Scioscia improving communication and much more…

The Story: Mike Trout finished second in AL MVP voting.

The Monkey Says: This is no surprise, as I detailed yesterday. He got one less first place vote than last season and actually had votes for fourth, fifth and even seventh. That seventh place vote has been the real story because it is so unfathomably stupid. This is why so few people have respect for the award voting process.

The Story: Jerry Dipoto talks about how he and Mike Scioscia are communicating better.

The Monkey Says: That improvement appears to be how the two managed to save their respective jobs. Dipoto doesn't give any real detail, but there clearly was some sort of tension between the two if just communicating with each other was such an area of need.

The Story: Beyond the Boxscore named Mike Trout their AL MVP.

The Monkey Says: He got all but one first place vote.

The Story: The Internet Baseball Awards named Mike Trout their AL MVP.

The Monkey Says: Hmm, it is almost like there is a pattern developing here.

The Story: Why deserving MVPs don't win.

The Monkey Says: This seems relevant and prescient.

The Story: The Angels are not one of the teams that made a contract offer to Ricky Nolasco.

The Monkey Says: Many experts thought Nolasco would wind up in Anaheim, but they don't appear to be interested. That is a good thing because it sounds like he is about to get a very regrettable contract.

The Story: Rico Brogna will join the Angels as a special assistant to Jerry Dipoto.

The Monkey Says: He will split time between scouting and coaching in the minors and will not be the assistant hitting coach as originally believed. According to this report, they seem to have a person in mind, but want to see what Don Baylor thinks first.

The Story: A look at scouting reports on Kaleb Cowart and Randal Grichuk before they were drafted.

The Monkey Says: The funny part about the Cowart report is seeing the suggestion again that he was a better pitching prospect. If he has another bad year with the bat, I think a lot of people might suddenly start wondering about that long lost pitching potential.

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