Halo Headlines: Trout named Baseball America Player of the Year, player arbitration projections

The October 25th, 2013 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Trout named Baseball America Player of the Year, player arbitration projections and much more…

The Story: Mike Trout has been named MLB Player of the Year by Baseball America.

The Monkey Says: Trout is going to clean up with all of these non-mainstream awards yet I doubt he'll even get as many MVP votes from the BBWAA as he did last season.

The Story: Projecting the salary figures for the eight Angels eligible for arbitration this off-season.

The Monkey Says: Hanson is definitely going to get non-tendered. Williams could get non-tendered as well unless he is willing to take a contract for essentially the same as he made last season. Nelson and Gutierrez will be non-tendered as well, but it is possible that they could both be immediately re-signed to minor league deals with invitations to training camp. The real tough case is Jepsen. He isn't set to earn much, but he has been so unreliable that the Angels may not want to give him a guaranteed contract. Then again, Scioscia seems to like him, so maybe they'll roll the dice on him again.

The Story: Attempting to project the salaries for free agent starting pitchers.

The Monkey Says: The projections are a bit weird, but it basically shakes out to Vargas likely getting a two-year, $21 million contract. I had always pegged Vargas for three years, $30 million, so that sounds about right if you assume the market will be a little worried about his shoulder blood clot. The thing is that the $10-11 million average annual value is right on the border of whether or not the Halos should offer Vargas a qualifying offer. If they really want to keep him, I think they should, but it would be a risk.

The Story: Ranking the free agent left-handed starting pitchers.

The Monkey Says: Vargas checks in at #2 right behind…. Scott Kazmir. Is this real life?

The Story: The off-season outlook for the LA Angels.

The Monkey Says: A pretty spot on summary, though I don't think the spending limits of the Angels are quite what everyone seems to think they are. Money isn't unlimited, but it isn't very tight either.

The Story: C.J. Wilson's 2013 season in review.

The Monkey Says: C.J. Wilson, really the one high-priced talent on the roster who actually performed like he was supposed to.

The Story: The Double-A Arkansas Travelers have re-branded their logo and will start wearing custom camouflage uniforms.

The Monkey Says: Camouflage uniforms? Hell yeah, 'Merica! I'm pretty sure that having your fielders hidden by camouflage is cheating though.

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