Halo Headlines: Trumbo tells how he worked to improve, Downs hurt, Maronde demoted

The May 2nd, 2013 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Trumbo tells how he worked to improve, Downs hurt, Maronde demoted and much more…

The Story: Mark Trumbo talks about how he has gone about improving himself.

The Monkey Says: This piggybacks on comments Trumbo made last week, but it once again goes to show how he has worked himself into a better hitter by learning and making adjustments. Perhaps he should take Josh Hamilton under his wing.

The Story: Scott Downs left last night's game with a side injury.

The Monkey Says: He is probably headed for the DL if only because Downs never has just a day-to-day injury. Surely this has nothing to do with Scioscia wildly overworking the 37-year old the last few weeks.

The Story: The Angels demoted Nick Maronde and promoted Ryan Brasier.

The Monkey Says: Mardone was terrible before he got called up and remained terrible upon being promoted, but this was more about getting a fresh arm for the bullpen. Maronde might actually be recalled now that Downs is hurt (or maybe Roth). Brasier has also been lousy this year, so don't expect much from him. Once he gets into a game, Brasier will be the 19th pitcher used by the Halos this year.

The Story: The Angels are off to the worst start in franchise history.

The Monkey Says: This was when they were 9-17. With their win yesterday, they are now 10-17 which is exactly the same record that they had through 27 games last season. They still managed to win 89 games, so it isn't impossible for them to right the ship.

The Story: The Angels will improve but might be doomed by their poor start.

The Monkey Says: Didn't I just tell you the opposite? Seriously, they might be doomed. Injuries have ravaged this team and, frankly, there are some deep flaws in the pitching staff construction that aren't going to go away just because Weaver and Madson return from the DL. I am trying to remain optimistic but as the struggles continue, that optimism can only survive if it morphs into blind ignorance of the facts.

The Story: Josh Hamilton was the worst hitter in the month of April.

The Monkey Says: And somehow Joe Blanton avoided dishonorable mention for worst pitcher. I think we are being too harsh on Josh, after all he only had the ninth-worst fWAR in all of baseball in April. It could be worse, barely, but worse.

The Story: Taylor Lindsey and Mark Sappington rate as amongst the five best players in their respective league.

The Monkey Says: This is a point system, so it is hard to say if that means anything other than they are off to good starts. Still interesting to see Eric Stamets rate so well amongst Angel prospect hitters. I have to question the system though as it rates Grichuk and Cowart amongst the top five as well and they are off to a terrible start.

The Story: A look at some potential relief trade targets for the Halos.

The Monkey Says: Considering how shaky Frieri has been, let's not call someone "the next Frieri" in positive terms. That being said, I wonder if the Angels might be forced to make a trade if only because their bullpen is so short-handed that they need another capable arm just to survive, much less contend.

The Story: An old 2010 scouting report card on Peter Bourjos.

The Monkey Says: Kind of a cool thing to see since it is an actual scout's write up with grades and everything. My favorite part is that he only graded as a 5 future in fielding and 6 future in range.

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